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Agel Compensation Plan imageWelcome to my review of the Agel Compensation Plan!

How are Agel Team Members compensated for their efforts of selling Agel Gel Products, and recruiting new Team Members into their organization to do the same?

Agel advertises that their Compensation Plan is the most lucrative plan ever developed.

Is this really the case?  In my review of the Agel Compensation Plan, I will be going into great detail in regards to all of the income streams that Agel provides to their successful Team Members.  Lets take a closer look in my review of the Agel Compensation Plan!

Binary Compensation Plan Model

Agel Visa Card imageLike many other Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) pay plans, the Agel Compensation Plan is based upon a Binary Tree Structure.  Meaning, that as you recruit new Team Members into your organization, you will be strategically placing them into two sales teams:  A left leg, and a right leg.  As you and your downline Team Members generate sales, your commissions and bonuses will be calculated based upon the production of the leg that generates the least amount of sales.

Organizational Ranking System

Before we continue, I would first like to list the 18 Leadership Positions within the Agel Compensation Plan.  As you attain qualifying milestones in your business, you will in time progress through these various ranks, and qualify for larger earnings on more Team Members in your Agel Organization.  These include from lowest to highest:

  • Team Member
  • Supervisor
  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Director
  • Regional Director
  • Senior Director
  • Corporate Director
  • 1 Star Diamond
  • 2 Star Diamond
  • 3 Star Diamond
  • 4 Star Diamond
  • 5 Star Diamond
  • Executive Diamond
  • Ambassador Diamond
  • Presidential Diamond
  • Crown Diamond
  • Royal Diamond

10 ways to earn in their pay plan…

The Agel Compensation Plan features 10 ways for their Team Members to generate income.  However, your qualification to earn from all 10 options is dependent upon several factors:

Team Members who personally purchase products that generate at least 50 Commissionable Volume (CV) each month are eligible to earn Retail Profits and First Order Bonuses, the first two elements of the Agel Compensation Plan.  I will go into detail as to how each of these components work later in this review.  These Team Members are not eligible for the other 8 income streams that Agel provides.

To participate in all 10 income streams within the Agel Compensation Plan, you will first need to enroll at The Executive Level.  To enroll at this level, you must submit an initial order that generates at least 665 CV.

Next, you will need to recruit two new Team Members, and place one in your right leg, and the other in your left leg.  Both Team Members will also need to produce at least 50 CV each month.  Team Member’s 50 CV monthly requirement can be accomplished by enrolling into their Autoship program, which will be highly encouraged by Agel upon enrollment.

Once you have enrolled at The Executive Level, and have enrolled two Team Members with 50 CV each, you will be fully qualified to earn from all 10 income streams within the Agel Compensation Plan.  These include:

1. Retail Sales

Team Members will purchase Agel products at the wholesale price, and sell them at the suggested retail price for an instant retail profit.

You will also enroll many of your customers into Agel’s Preferred Customer Program to receive a product discount.  These customers will purchase products on their monthly Autoship Program.  For these customers, you will earn the difference between their discounted price and the suggested retail price.

2. First Order Bonus

When new Team Members enroll with Agel, they have 3 levels to choose from to begin their business.

  1. The Personal Level – When the new member’s activation order generates at least 210 CV.
  2. The Executive Level – When the new member’s activation order generates at least 665 CV.
  3. The Professional Level – When the new member’s activation order generates at least 3,000 CV.

You will earn First Order Bonuses dependent on which level your new Team Member enrolls at.

  • When you enroll a new member at the Personal Level, you will earn $35
  • When you enroll a new member at the Executive Level, you will earn $100
  • When you enroll a new member at the Professional Level, you will earn $500

3. Executive Bonus

This bonus is reserved for Team Members who have enrolled at the Executive or Professional Levels.  3% of global company CV is placed in a monthly pool, and Team Members will receive one share for each increase of 1,000 CV in their lesser performing Binary Leg.

This bonus of the Agel Compensation Plan is only for Team Members who have less than 40,000 CV in their lesser Binary Leg.

4. The Executive Rank Qualification Pool

Agel reserves 1% of Global CV into this pool to be shared among those who have qualified at the rank of Supervisor, Manager, Senior Manager, Director, and Regional Director.  Depending on your rank within the Agel Compensation Plan, you will receive shares of this pool, which will equate to dollars in your pocket.

  • Supervisors earn 2 shares
  • Managers earn 3 shares
  • Senior Managers earn 4 shares
  • Directors earn 5 shares
  • Regional Directors earn 6 shares

Additionally, Agel reserves .5% of global CV for Team Members who qualify at the rank of Director and Regional Director.

  • Directors earn 1 share
  • Regional Directors earn 2 shares

To qualify for this bonus pool, you must enroll at the Executive or Professional Levels, and have qualified for this pool for three consecutive months.

Compensation For Agel Team Members image5. Car Bonus

When you have achieved the rank of Senior Director and above in the Agel Compensation Plan, you will qualify for a monthly Car Bonus to purchase or lease a vehicle of your choice:

  • Senior Directors earn $250
  • Corporate Directors earn $500
  • 1 Star Diamonds earn $750
  • 2 Star Diamonds earn $1,000
  • 3 Star Diamonds earn $1,250
  • 4 Star Diamonds earn $1,500
  • 5 Star Diamonds earn $1,750
  • Executive Diamonds earn $2,000
  • Ambassador Diamonds earn $2,250
  • Presidential Diamonds earn $2,500
  • Crown Diamonds earn $2,750
  • Royal Diamonds earn $3,000

6. Expense Bonus

The Expense Bonus is identical to the monthly Car Bonus.  It begins at the rank of Senior Director, and mirrors the dollar amounts listed above for each Leadership Position.

7. Travel Award

Once you achieve the rank of 1 Star Diamond and above, you will be invited to the Annual Leadership Conference, which takes place in an exotic location each year.

8. Team Volume Commissions & Escrow

This will pay you up to 10% of Team Volume Commissions that are calculated based upon the production in your lesser performing Binary Leg.

Team Members who have enrolled at the Personal Level will only qualify for 7%.

Team Members who have enrolled at the Executive or Professional Levels will also receive 7%, but will earn an additional 3% that is placed in an escrow account.  This escrow balance is paid on your anniversary date, provided that you maintained your active status in their compensation plan for 12 consecutive months.

If for some reason you do not maintain your active status within that 12 month period, you will forfeit this 3%.

9. Leveraged Matching Bonus

At the rank of Supervisor and above, you will earn a percentage of the Team Volume Commissions of your downline Team Members going down as far as 7 generations in your organization.  The higher you progress through their Leadership Positions, the larger this percentage will become, and the more generations you can benefit from.

10. Mad Money

Mad Money is reserved for Team Members who have achieved the top two Leadership Positions within the Agel Compensation Plan.

  • Crown Diamonds earn $20,000 per month
  • Royal Diamonds earn $40,000 per month

Agel Compensation Plan Conclusion

In my opinion, the Agel Compensation Plan is very fair, and will become very lucrative for those who are able to achieve the qualifying levels in their business to progress higher through their Leadership Positions.

The Agel Compensation Plan is an aggressive plan that is designed to promote team building, and mentoring and support from upline Sponsors to work directly with downline Team Members to achieve success.

Your Team Member’s success is your success in this pay plan, and this is what I look for when I am reviewing MLM pay plans.  Does a company’s compensation plan provide incentive to upline Sponsors to work directly with their downline members to achieve success?  In the case of the Agel Compensation Plan, yes it does.

Build a large organization, train your downline Team Members to duplicate your efforts, and the Agel Compensation Plan will reward you accordingly.

This concludes my review of the Agel Compensation Plan!

Next, learn more about Agel and their MLM Business opportunity in my Agel Review!

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