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Ardyss Compensation Plan imageWelcome to my review of the Ardyss Compensation Plan!

In order to qualify for the maximum benefits and earning potential within the Ardyss Compensation Plan, it is important to note that you will need to purchase a Power Pack and enroll into their Recurring Order (Autoship).

The Recurring Order will automatically ship Ardyss products to your front door every month, and your credit card on file will be billed accordingly.

Organizational Ranking System

Before we dive into the various ways that Ardyss Distributors are compensated for selling products and recruiting new Distributors into their organization, it would make more sense to list the leadership positions within the Ardyss Compensation Plan.  From lowest to highest, these include:

  • Advisor
  • Coordinator
  • Supervisor
  • Manager A
  • Manager B
  • Director
  • President
  • Executive
  • Diamond
  • Platinum

10 ways to earn in their pay plan

Ardyss Compensation Plan Elements imageThe Ardyss Compensation Plan features 10 ways that Distributors will be compensated as they achieve sales, recruit new Distributors, and advance in rank.  These include:

1. Direct Sales

As an Ardyss Distributor, you will purchase products at wholesale prices, and sell them to your customers at the suggested retail price.  This transaction will represent a 40% instant profit.

2. Fast Start Express Bonus

As you recruit new Distributors into your organization, you will profit from their first purchase.

This bonus of the Ardyss Compensation Plan is dependent upon the Value Points (VP) that are generated in your new Distributor’s initial order.

  • If you are enrolled into their Recurring Order, you will earn 30%.
  • If you are not enrolled into their Recurring Order, you will earn 20%.

This bonus of the Ardyss Compensation Plan is paid out either weekly or monthly.  To qualify to receive this bonus on a weekly basis, there are two requirements:

  • You must be enrolled into their Recurring Order.
  • You must activate your Ardyss Visa Prepaid Card.

3. Power Pack Bonus

Each time you enroll a new Distributor who purchases a Power Pack, you will earn an $80 Recruiting Commission.

4.& 5. Enrollment Relationship Bonus + Unilevel Bonus

Ardyss Compensation Plan Review imageThese elements of the Ardyss Compensation Plan are based upon the volume that is generated in your organization, going down as far as 8 generations.

As you personally sponsor new Distributors into your organization, you will earn either 10% or 15% on their sales volumes, depending on where you have placed them in your organization.

In addition to that, you will earn 5% on their personally sponsored Distributors, going down as far as 8 generations, depending on your rank.

  • Advisors benefit from 1 Generation.
  • Coordinators benefit from 2 Generations.
  • Supervisors benefit from 3 Generations.
  • Manager A(s) benefit from 4 Generations.
  • Manager B(s) benefit from 4 Generations.
  • Directors benefit from 5 Generations.
  • Presidents benefit from 6 Generations.
  • Executives benefit from 7 Generations.
  • Diamonds & Platinums benefit from 8 Generations.

6. Generational Bonus

When an Ardyss Distributor has generated a minimum of 10,000 Group Qualification Points (GQP), they will be qualified to earn an additional 4% on all purchases of their group.

Distributors earn this bonus going down as far as 5 generations, beginning at the rank of Manager B.

  • Manager B(s) will benefit from 1 Generation.
  • Directors will benefit from 2 Generations.
  • Presidents will benefit from 3 Generations.
  • Executives will benefit from 4 Generations.
  • Diamonds & Platinums will benefit from 5 Generations.

7. Car Bonus

Once you progress through the Leadership Positions within the Ardyss Compensation Plan, and generate 500,000 GQP, you will qualify for a monthly Car Bonus.

Participants will receive $2,000 to put towards a down payment for a new Mercedes-Benz, and $1,500 per month.

If you do not qualify in one particular month, you will earn half of this bonus.

8. Rank Bonus

The Rank Bonus will reward you for attaining higher Leadership Positions within the Ardyss Compensation Plan, and maintaining the requirements for your earned rank.

  • Supervisors earn a monthly bonus of $100.
  • Manager A(s) earn a monthly bonus of $200.
  • Directors earn a monthly bonus of $400.
  • Presidents earn a monthly bonus of $500.
  • Executives earn a monthly bonus of $600.
  • Diamonds earn a monthly bonus of $700.
  • Platinums earn a monthly bonus of $800.

If you do not maintain the requirements for each rank in a particular month, you will not receive this bonus.

9. Presidential Pool Bonus

Ardyss reserves 1.5% of the quarterly Value Points that are generated company-wide in the U.S. into this pool.

When you reach the rank of President and above, you will qualify to participate in this pool.

10. Power Start Bonus

This is the last element of the Ardyss Compensation Plan!

The Power Start Bonus rewards Distributors for not only achieving their own goals, but helping Distributors in their organization to achieve theirs.

In order to participate in the Power Start Bonus, you must purchase a Power Pack within 90 days of enrolling.

This bonus begins at the rank of Coordinator, and if you enroll 4 Active Distributors, and generate 800 GQP within one month of enrolling, you will earn a bonus of $50.

Taking this to the extreme, if you attain the rank of Platinum, enroll 12 Active Distributors, and generate 5,000,000 GQP within 68 months of enrolling, you will earn a $60,000 bonus.

There are many other examples between these two extremes, and if you would like to learn the full details, you will need to visit the Ardyss company website.  Click on ‘Start a Business,’ then click on ‘Compensation Plan.’

When your personally sponsored Distributors also earn these bonuses, you will earn a 100% match.

Ardyss Compensation Plan Conclusion

While reviewing the Ardyss Compensation Plan, there is one thing that stands out.

The Ardyss Compensation Plan rewards Distributors primarily for the efforts of recruiting new Distributors.  The majority of their advertising and compensation rewards do not focus on attaining new customers and selling products.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is beginning to frown on MLM companies who focus their advertising and compensation rewards primarily on recruiting and enrolling new Distributors, rather than the efforts of promoting and selling actual products.

I have seen many other MLM companies who are beginning to get in trouble for this.  This is something to consider in making your business decision.

With that being said, the Ardyss Compensation Plan has great potential to become extremely lucrative for those who are able to attain higher Leadership Positions, and qualify for many of the commissions and bonuses that this pay plan offers.

This concludes my review of the Ardyss Compensation Plan!

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