AtHome America Review – Scam Or Legitimate MLM Business?

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AtHome America Review imageWelcome to my AtHome America Review!

In this AtHome America Review, I will be reviewing their products, and more importantly, their MLM business opportunity to help you answer one key question:

Is AtHome America a scam, pyramid scheme, or are they a legitimate MLM business?

This is my unbiased AtHome America Review.

Company Details & History

Athome America imageAtHome America was previously known as The Country Peddlers, and was founded by two sisters, Lisa Brandau and Becky Wright in 1982.  These two sisters always enjoyed their passion for home decorating accessories, and would travel all over to find country stores that sold these sorts of products.

They began wondering if they were roaming the country side looking for home decor products, how many others were doing the same?  This simple thought led to the establishment of The Country Peddlers.

Introducing Direct Sales

The Country Peddlers began as a traditional store front type business.  However, Lisa and Becky quickly expanded their business into the direct sales industry, offering their Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business opportunity to others.  They found that this business model would better address the needs of their customers who were unable to travel to their stores.

This new way of conducting business would bring the products to their customers in the comfort of their homes.

Needless to say, this direct sales business model was a huge hit, and these two sisters very quickly sold their physical store locations to focus 100% of their time and effort on building the MLM aspect of their business.

Finally in 2002, The Country Peddlers was re-branded, and given the new name of AtHome America.

Popular Products

AtHome America offers products related to home decor and accents, including:

  • Candles
  • Accessories
  • Serving & Entertainment
  • Tabletop Items
  • Organization & Storage
  • Seasonal Products

…and many more.

MLM Business – How their opportunity works…

AtHome America Products imageAtHome America is offering their MLM Business Opportunity for $49.  This will provide you with basic products and business supplies to help you in getting started as soon as possible.

Compensation – How the money is made

As an AtHome America Specialist, you will earn a base commission of 25% for every product that you sell.  This commission will increase to as much as 30% when you achieve qualifying levels of success.

You will also earn compensation based upon the production of those who you personally enroll as well.

Specialist Training & Support

It is important to note that AtHome America will train you to utilize traditional methods of Network Marketing in building your business.  You will contact friends, family members, acquaintances, and close associates to schedule HomeShows (home parties).

These HomeShows will be the setting where you will showcase and demonstrate products to attract sales, and will be the basis of your recruiting efforts.  Show your friends and family members that you are truly enjoying what you are doing, and they will be inclined to join your business.

Hostess Benefits

AtHome America offers a generous Hostess Benefits Program for those who are willing to host a HomeShow.  This will give your friends and family members the incentive to have you conduct a HomeShow in their home.

This Hostess Benefits Program will reward your willing Hostess with free products and greatly discounted home-decorating accessories, based upon the sales that you achieve in their home.

AtHome America Review Conclusion

In my opinion, AtHome America is a very legitimate business.  They are far from being a scam.  AtHome America offers a tremendous product line of home accessories that many women will love and have fun shopping for in a home party environment.

If you are willing to build a business of this nature, I believe that AtHome America offers a solid business opportunity with great products to build a business around.

I must warn you, this business will take work, and will never be as easy as they might make it seem!

This concludes my AtHome America Review!  If you have found this AtHome America Review to be helpful, or if you have anything to add, please provide your feedback below!

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  1. Dave Fennell says:

    Dave Fennell wrote this AtHome America Review for those who are researching the AtHome America Business Opportunity. I would love your feedback. If you have any experiences with this company, whether good or bad, please share them here to assist others in their research efforts.

    I greatly appreciate your feedback and expertise, and others will too!

    To Your Success,

    Dave Fennell

  2. sarah prater says:

    I am, a mother of 4 that has tried to go back to school and failed due to very young children and other things, looking for a way to make income. I recently joined this group however it was through a site that has assured me they are part of this company and have even called. I havehave never heardhad of anyoneyou in myrespects area selling for thisthe company so theI potential to maketo profits are possible. However I received a “free”website address but can not access the sales generated through there. I have been given another site to go to to report my sales(which I haven’t & wont do until I am sure) and access to forms and other “tools”. I can purchase what they call a lifestyle consultant form for ordering which come off of “my site”. Is this one of the general practices for a webbased company like this? I can not afford to put any substantial amounts of money first but don’t mind working from the bottom and doing the best I can if it is for a reliable business. If you have any contacts from this company that may be able to give me better insight or direction it would be helpful. I know people selling all kinds of other things, Scentsy©, Slumberparties©, and so on but none for home decor (well there was Home Interiors©…)

    • Dave Fennell says:

      Hi Sarah,

      I am not actually affiliated with AtHome America, so I am unable to help you out with contacts within the company. But to answer your question about an initial investment to get started; this is typically the case with MLM companies. There is normally some sort of starter kit that must be purchased. Starter kits are a major portion of a MLM company’s profit. Although, some companies will give you one for free, but then deduct the cost of the kit from your first few sales.

      Good Luck!

      Dave F.

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