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Boresha Compensation Plan imageHow exactly will the Boresha Compensation Plan reward Marketing Consultants as they sell products, acquire customers, and build a downline of Consultants?

Will the Boresha Compensation Plan reward Consultants fairly as they are building their business?

I intend to provide the exact details of how the Boresha Compensation Plan really works, as well as provide the qualifications that Consultants must adhere to in order to qualify for earnings.

Lets take a closer look!

Compensation Plan Model

Boresha Compensation Plan Model imageThe Boresha Compensation Plan is a combination of a Binary Tree structure and a Unilevel structure.

In a Binary structure, as you enroll new Consultants into your organization, you will be building two sales teams; a right leg and a left leg.

The advantage of a Binary pay plan is that you will potentially receive ‘spill-over’ when upline Consultants place new Consultants beneath you.  You will benefit from these Consultants.

The negative aspect of a Binary plan is that your earnings within the Boresha Compensation Plan will be based upon the production of your lesser performing leg.

The majority of your earnings within the Boresha Compensation Plan, as well as the qualifications for promotions will be based upon this Binary structure.

When a Unilevel structure is being utilized, your personally sponsored Consultants will be placed directly beneath you, and the width of your organization can grow to infinity.

From what I can tell, only one bonus out of the 10 compensation elements within the Boresha Compensation Plan will be rewarded based upon this Unilevel structure.

Organizational Ranking System

As you achieve sales and grow your Boresha business, you will begin to progress through 14 ranks within the Boresha Compensation Plan.  These include:

  • Marketing Consultant
  • Diamond
  • Executive Diamond
  • Coordinator
  • Executive Coordinator
  • Director
  • Executive Director
  • Diamond Director
  • Regional Vice President
  • Ambassador
  • Senior Ambassador
  • National Ambassador
  • Global Ambassador
  • Diamond Ambassador

10 ways to earn in their pay plan…

Boresha Compensation Plan Elements imageThe Boresha Compensation Plan provides successful consultants with an opportunity to earn from 10 separate income sources as they achieve sales and grow their organization.

To benefit from many of these elements of the Boresha Compensation Plan, Consultants will be required to be both Active and Qualified.

Active is defined as a Consultant who purchases or sells at least 50 Personal Volume (PV) in a 5 week rolling period.

Qualified is defined as any Consultant who personally sponsors one Active Consultant in each Binary leg.  2 total.

The Boresha Compensation Plan elements include:

1. Fast Cash Bonus

As an Active Consultant, each time you enroll a new Consultant who places an initial order within their first 30 days of at least 50 PV, you will earn a Fast Cash Bonus.

  • For orders generating 50 PV ($79 wholesale) you will earn $20.
  • For orders generating 75 PV ($130 wholesale) you will also earn $20.
  • For orders generating 100 PV ($175 wholesale) you will earn $40.
  • For orders generating 175 PV ($299 wholesale) you will earn $70.
  • For orders generating 300 PV ($469.85 wholesale) you will earn $150.

2. Customer Sales Earnings

This element of the Boresha Compensation Plan is broken down into 4 components!

  • Retail – You will earn $6 for every 12oz bag of Boresha Private Estates (BPE) sold, and $30 for every 30 pack of BSkinny Coffee sold at the retail price.
  • Fundraising – I was unable to determine what this entails, but you will earn Team Commissions and $1 per bag sold.
  • Commercial – You will earn a bonus of 10% of the Group Volume (GV) that is generated.
  • Autoship – You will earn the difference between the wholesale price and the Autoship price for customers who are enrolled to receive products on a monthly basis on their Autoship program.

3. Team Commissions

Team Commissions are based upon the Binary Tree structure, and you must be Active and Qualified to receive these earnings, as well as achieve the rank of Diamond.

You will potentially earn Team Commissions on two tiers.

  • Tier 1: You will earn 10% of your lesser leg Group Volume (GV).  You must be qualified with a minimum of 50 PV in a 5 week rolling period.
  • Tier 2: You will earn 15% of your lesser leg GV.  You must be qualified with a minimum of 175 PV in a 5 week rolling period.

It is important to note that these commissions are capped, dependent upon your rank within the Boresha Compensation Plan.

  • Diamonds are capped at $200.
  • Executive Diamonds are capped at $300.
  • Coordinators are capped at $400.
  • Executive Coordinators are capped at $500.
  • Directors are capped at $1,000.
  • Executive Directors are capped at $1,500.
  • Diamond Directors are capped at $2,000.
  • Regional Vice Presidents are capped at $3,000.
  • Ambassadors are capped at $7,000.
  • Senior Ambassadors and above are capped at $10,000.

4. Matching Bonus

This element of the Boresha Compensation Plan is based upon the Unilevel structure, and you must achieve the rank of Director to qualify.

This bonus will pay you a matched percentage of Team Commissions that are earned by your personally sponsored Consultants, as well as the Consultants that they sponsor, going down as far as seven generations, depending on your rank within the Boresha Compensation Plan.

A Generation is defined as all Consultants in your downline until another Director or above is found, and begins immediately below the first level in your organization.

  • Directors will benefit from their 1st level only.
  • Executive Directors will benefit from 1 Generation.
  • Diamond Directors will benefit from 2 Generations.
  • Regional Vice Presidents will benefit from 3 Generations.
  • Ambassadors will benefit from 4 Generations.
  • Senior Ambassadors will benefit from 5 Generations.
  • National Ambassadors will benefit from 6 Generations.
  • Global Ambassadors will benefit from 7 Generations.

5. Customer Autoship Bonus Pool

The Boresha Compensation Plan reserves 5% of total company Autoship volume into this bonus pool.

You will earn 1 share for every 150 PV that is generated among your personal Autoship Customer orders, excluding your own Autoship.

6. Business Builder Bonus Pool

For every new Marketing Consultant who enrolls with Boresha, and places an initial order of 50 PV or greater in a one month period, Boresha will set aside $20 into this pool.

If you are active with at least 50 PV, and help two other Consultants in your downline to also generate 50 PV per month, you will earn 1 share of this pool.

As you help more Consultants to generate 50 PV each month, you will accumulate more shares.

7. Executive Plus Rewards

As you build an extremely profitable organization, you will qualify for certain perks, which will include a vehicle allowance, travel credits, annual celebrations, cash, etc.

Boresha does not provide any more details other than this.

8. Multiple Business Center

Again, as you build a profitable organization, you will potentially earn from up to 4 separate business centers.  Consultants can earn as much as $10,000 per month in Team Commissions from each business center.

9. Residential Equity Program

You will earn as much as $100 to $5,000 every 5 week rolling period for just simply maintaining your qualifications for each rank within the Boresha Compensation Plan.

10. Ambassador Bonus Pool

The Boresha Compensation Plan reserves 1% of company-wide GV to be placed in this pool.  Hence the name, this bonus pool is available only to Ambassadors and above.

Boresha Compensation Plan Conclusion

As you can see, the Boresha Compensation Plan is designed for those who not only achieve personal sales, but work diligently to build a large organization of customers and Consultants who are duplicating the efforts of successful Consultants within Boresha.

Build a large and profitable Boresha organization, and the Boresha Compensation Plan will reward you accordingly!

Next, learn more about Boresha and their MLM Business opportunity in my Boresha Review!

This concludes my review of the Boresha Compensation Plan.  If you have found this review to be helpful, or if you have anything to add, please provide your feedback below.

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