Chews 4 Health Review – Scam Or Legitimate MLM Business?

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Chews 4 Health Review imageWelcome to my Chews 4 Health Review!

Chews 4 Health is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that believes that “You are what you absorb.”  They aim to always demand perfection from their products, and to help their Team Members to embrace a healthy lifestyle as well as provide an opportunity to run and operate your own business.

In this Chews 4 Health Review, I will be examining this company, the products that they provide as well as the MLM business opportunity that they offer as a Chews 4 Health Team Member.

Is Chews 4 Health a scam, pyramid scheme, or do they offer a legitimate MLM Business opportunity?  This is my unbiased Chews 4 Health Review.

Company Overview & History

Chews 4 Health Logo imageEstablished in 2008, Chews 4 Health International was founded by Dr. David Friedman, a Chiropractic Physician and certified Doctor of Naturopathy.  Through his company, David Friedman has inspired to open a new door in nutritional supplements, and has been referred to as the “Godfather of liquid nutrition.”

Popular Products

Unlike other dietary supplements that come in pill form and are only 10% absorbed by the human body, Chews 4 Health products come in chewable form to provide a more effective nutrient delivery system, providing faster absorbtion into the blood stream.

Chews 4 Health currently offers three products, including:

Chews-4-Health™ Chewable Dietary Supplement

A natural chewable dietary supplement containing 16 ingredients, including super fruits and mineral-rich sea vegetables.

IGNITE Chewable Energy™

This is their latest product, and is a chewable packed with botanicals, herbs, and vitamins to provide energy, stamina, focus, and performance.


A Doctor-formulated Weight Reduction System that helps to boost your metabolism and support healthy thyroid function.

These products are offered through a MLM business model, representing the home business opportunity that they are becoming well-known for.

MLM Business – How it works

Chews 4 Health Review - Products imageDistributors of Chews 4 Health are referred to as Team Members.

The first step in becoming a Chews 4 Health Team Member is to purchase a Starter Pack.  There are three to choose from, depending on the amount of products that you wish to have on hand.  These include:

  • Economy Pack – $89.90
  • Value Pack – price is undisclosed
  • Business Builder Pack – price is undisclosed

Each starter pack will provide you with boxes of products of your choice as well as product sales aids to begin sharing your products and/or business opportunity with others.

Their Autoship Requirement

The next step in the enrollment process will be setting up your monthly Autoship.  This Autoship is a monthly purchase requirement that automatically bills and ships products to your home once a month.  It is important to note that a monthly Autoship that generates 100 in Personal Volume (PV) each and every month is required to maximize your earning potential within the Chews 4 Health Compensation Plan.

The last step in getting started as a Chews 4 Health Team Member is to become qualified.  This involves enrolling two new Team Members, one for each of your two binary legs.  Once accomplished, you will be qualified to earn commissions and bonuses.

Compensation – How Team Members are paid…

As an active and fully qualified Team Member, you will have an opportunity to earn from 6 components within the Chews 4 Health Compensation Plan.  These include:

  • Retail Profit
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Two Infinity Binary Bonus
  • Matching Bonus
  • Rank Advancement Bonus
  • Car Bonus Program

I will limit the details of their pay plan to this, and at the bottom of this Chews 4 Health Review, you will find a link that will provide you with the exact details of the Chews 4 Health Compensation Plan.

Training & Support

Chews 4 Health Review - MLM Business imageIt is important to note that Chews 4 Health is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business, so the traditional forms of Network Marketing or Word-of-Mouth techniques that are so prominent in this MLM industry will apply.  These methods are commonly referred to as Warm Marketing!

You will be trained and encouraged to approach your warm market of friends, family members, neighbors, associates, acquaintances, and anyone else who you know personally to begin selling products and recruit new Team Members into your organization.

Immediately following your enrollment with Chews 4 Health, you will be paired with a sponsor, referred to as your Mentor.  This person will be your direct line for support and training, especially in the beginning stages of your business.

In addition to your Mentor, you will have access to training conference calls and webinars.  However, these Warm Marketing methods mentioned above will be at the core of your training and support.

Chews 4 Health Review Conclusion

In my opinion, Chews 4 Health is a legitimate MLM Business opportunity, and should not be considered to be a scam or pyramid scheme.  Although this is a relatively newer company, their products have received a lot of publicity and attention.  I have no doubt that this company will achieve great things in the upcoming years.

Setting expectations…

It is important to take into consideration the challenges of building a business that is dependent upon your friends and family members to purchase products and join as Team Members in your organization.  This business will never be as simple as Chews 4 Health might portray or advertise.

Depending on your goals, your success within Chews 4 Health will not only be dependent upon your ability to acquire customers, but your ability to build and train a sales team of hundreds, if not thousands of downline Team Members who are working to duplicate your efforts.  Needless to say, this will not be accomplished overnight, and will be extremely difficult for those who are limited to friends and family members only.

With that being said, Chews 4 Health is a legitimate business opportunity for those who possess the ability to market their business using more modern and effective marketing strategies, and who are not limited to their small network of friends and family members to grow their business.

If you know how to truly market, success can be achieved within Chews 4 Health.

This concludes my Chews 4 Health Review!  Next, learn the exact details of how Team Members are compensated as my Chews 4 Health Review moves onto their compensation plan.

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