Chris Allen – Free Mass Traffic Review – Scam Or Legitimate?

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Free Mass Traffic Review imageWelcome to my Free Mass Traffic Review!

There are a ton of making money online programs and all of them promise instant riches and financial freedom.  Is this the case with Free Mass Traffic, or is this another online scam that should be avoided?

Is Free Mass Traffic a scam, or a legitimate Internet Marketing tool that you can utilize to create a substantial income online?

I intend to answer this very question in my Free Mass Traffic Review.  Lets begin my review.

Product Details

Free Mass Traffic Logo imageFree Mass Traffic was created by Internet Marketer, Chris Allen, and is advertised as a software program with the capability to drive a multitude of targeted traffic, and generate a massive amount of income.

In fact, Chris advertises that he has personally used this software to drive 20 million visitors, and generated upwards of $460K, all in one single month.

The claims & guarantees

Chris Allen claims that his software is unlike anything that you have ever seen before. In his video presentation on his website, he explains how his competitors create products that exploit some time sensitive loophole, or that they utilize shady, black hat techniques that no longer work by the time that you purchase their product.

Chris advertises that his software is built on the fundamental laws of online traffic generation, and is built to outlast the others. You just simply fire up the software, and begin driving traffic to your website or affiliate links using legal and ethical tactics.

How much does it cost?

Chris Allen offers this software for $37. Your purchase will come with a money back guarantee, giving you the ability to try this program for a period of 60 days. If you are not satisfied, Chris claims that he will refund your investment with no questions asked.

Free Mass Traffic Review Conclusion

In my opinion, Free Mass Traffic is legitimate.  I don’t believe this to be a scam.

However, this review comes with some words of advice. You have to look beyond all of the hype and extreme exaggerations to see these products for what they really are. They are a marketing tool, and nothing more.

Food for thought…

I have reviewed many of these marketing products, and they all claim to be the best, or that they offer some ‘top-secret’ technique that has never been practised before.

Their creators will show you screen shots of their ClickBank accounts with enormous sums of money.  They will emphasize that you need to make your purchase today before they take their product off the shelf.  These are only marketing ploys to entice impulsive buyers.

Setting realistic expectations…

Free Mass Traffic can be useful in your marketing business if you set realistic goals.  However, it is not going to drive 20 Million visitors, and put 460K in your pocket in a matter of days or a few weeks, especially on a monthly basis.

To become an Internet success, taking the time to learn and implement key techniques and strategies will be required before you ever achieve success.

As with anything in life that is legitimate and worthwhile, an investment of time, effort, and sometimes dollars are going to be required.

There are no shortcuts in an online business, unlike what many will try to make you believe.

Long story short, Free Mass Traffic is not going to change your world, nor will it deliver the results that are advertised.  No way, no how!

This concludes my Free Mass Traffic Review!  If you have found this Free Mass Traffic Review to be helpful, or if you have anything to add, please provide your feedback below!

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  1. carson says:


    Nice Site, really looking forward for more information!

  2. cathy says:

    This is not legit. I purchased the $37 software, and of course was immediately upsold to another $197 product, and then (a fool and their money is soon parted lol) paid ANOTHER $97 for coaching. so that’s $331.

    First, I received no registration # to download the software. Emailed customer support but the customer support email was bogus. No other way to contact the company.

    I really wanted this software, but finally had to notify clickbank- they contacted the vendor and I gave it another 48 hours- no word from the vendor, so I had to cancel the order. Since I am a full time blogger I plan to let as many as possible know not to fall for this- they are just ” throwing it against the wall” to see how many fail to ask for their money back within the 60 day time period. I have ALREADY talked to several who lost their money. Facebook, twitter, linkedin etc need to know about this.

    • Dave Fennell says:


      Thank you for this information. I have purchased a couple of these programs or softwares myself, and the first thing that I learned is that the creators always try to sell you on something bigger. The product is the bait to get you in their sales funnel for bigger priced items!

      Everyone else who is reading this, you should listen to this warning!

  3. cathy says:

    Yes, I’ve learned my lesson. This is their support link – takes you right out into the ethers-

  4. Eve says:

    I have been marketing for years and still trying to find a good software that works. They all hype you up making it seems like it is easy to implement their technique then when you buy their system it is hard to follow. Sometimes they never respond to your technical problem. They all do the same just to get your money.

    • Jan Attila says:

      I choose to use only the best traffic generation methods and proven free traffic softwares to drive internet traffic on my website and create targeted traffic to my site. Now i’ve got the fastest world wide team building system ever existed in my hands.

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