CieAura Compensation Plan For Independent Retailers

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CieAura Compensation Plan imageWelcome to my review of the CieAura Compensation Plan!

How exactly does the CieAura Compensation Plan work?  Does the CieAura Compensation Plan provide you with the potential you need to achieve financial success as a CieAura Retailer?

How will you be compensated for selling CieAura Chips, and recruiting Retailers to do the same?  Lets take a closer look in my review of the CieAura Compensation Plan!

Binary Compensation Plan Model

The CieAura Compensation Plan is based upon a Binary Tree Structure.  Simply meaning, that as you recruit new Retailers into your business, you will be building two sales teams.  A right leg and a left leg.  When your commissions and bonuses are being computed by CieAura, your earnings will be based upon the sales volume of your weakest leg.

For example, if your right leg generates $5,000 in sales, but your left leg generates only $2,500 in sales, your commissions and bonuses will be based upon the $2,500.

Organizational Ranking System

As you achieve qualifying milestones in your CieAura business, you will begin to progress through the various leadership positions within the CieAura Compensation Plan.  These include:

  • Retailer
  • Star Retailer
  • Two Star Retailer
  • Four Star Retailer
  • Five Star Retailer
  • Silver Star Retailer
  • Gold Star Retailer
  • Ambassador
  • Diamond
  • Double Diamond
  • Triple Diamond
  • Black Diamond

7 ways to earn in their pay plan…

CieAura Compensation Plan Elements imageThe CieAura Compensation Plan not only provides you with immediate income for selling products today, but also provides you with the ability to earn a long-term residual income as you steadily build your business over time.  As you sell products, and recruit new Retailers, you will begin to earn from 7 components within the CieAura Compensation Plan.  These include:

1. Retail Profits

As a Retailer, you will purchase products at wholesale prices, and sell them to your customers for the suggested retail price.  The spread between the wholesale and retail price will be your instant profit.

2. Preferred Customer Profits

Your customers will have the option to sign up for their Autoship program to receive a discount.  This will automatically ship products to your customer’s homes every month.  For these customer orders, you will receive the spread between the wholesale price, and their discounted price.

3. First Order Commissions

CieAura offers several initial Product Packs for New Retailers to purchase to help assist them in getting started in their new business.  When one of your new Retailers purchase one of these Packs, you will receive a portion of the profits.

  • If a new Retailer purchases a Home Pack for $119.85, you will earn $15, and your sponsor will earn $5.
  • If a new Retailer purchases a Business Pack that ranges in price from $359.55 to $430.55, you will earn $50, and your sponsor will earn $20.
  • If a new Retailer purchases a Premium Advantage Pack that ranges in price from $1,438.20 to $1,538.25, you will earn $100, and your sponsor will earn $50.

4. Team Sales Commissions

To earn Team Sales Commissions, you will first need be promoted to the rank of Two Star Retailer within the CieAura Compensation Plan.  Once this is achieved, you will earn 10% of the total Commissionable Sales Volume (CSV) of your lesser performing Binary Tree Leg that we mentioned above.

Compensation For CieAura Independent Retailers image5. Global Bonus Pool

This bonus pool of the CieAura Compensation Plan is designed to provide instant income for newer Retailers once you achieve the rank of Four Star Retailer, and is only provided in the early stages of your business.  This bonus pool will no longer be a benefit to you once you begin earning $5,000 per month.

6. Seven-Level Unlimited Matching Bonuses

Once you achieve the rank of Four Star Retailer within the CieAura Compensation Plan, you will qualify to earn up to 30% of Team Commissions that are paid out to your personally sponsored Retailers.  Depending on your rank, you can earn this bonus going down as far as 7 generations in your organization.  The higher you climb through the rankings, the larger your percentage will become, and the more generations you will benefit from.

Here is an example:

  • Four Stars earn 10% on their first generation, and 5% on their second.
  • Diamonds will earn 30% on their first generation, 20% on their second, and 10% on all levels going all the way down to the seventh generation.

There are of course other examples between these two extremes.

7. Leadership Ranks, Rewards, and Benefits

As you achieve qualifying levels in your business, you will be promoted through their leadership positions, qualify for more earnings, receive company-wide recognition, and earn paid for trips.

CieAura Compensation Plan Conclusion

The CieAura Compensation Plan is an aggressive plan that offers great potential to become very lucrative for those who work diligently to build a profitable CieAura organization.

The CieAura Compensation Plan is designed to reward team building, and your leadership abilities to support and train your downline members to achieve success.  Since upline sponsors earn commissions and bonuses based upon the efforts of their downline members, they are incentivized to work with each of their Retailers directly in order to help them achieve success in their individual businesses.

Your downline Retailer’s success is your success within this CieAura Compensation Plan!

This concludes my review of the CieAura Compensation Plan!

Next, learn more about CieAura and their MLM Business opportunity in my CieAura Review!

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