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Is a smart investment? In this review, I intend to help you decide whether or not InvestInCarNotes would be a good addition to your investment portfolio.  Lets begin my unbiased review.

Company Details & History Logo imageOwned and operated under their parent company, Triple T Motors, and their sister website, were launched in late 2009 to draw in more investors via the Internet.

Simply put, provides in-house financing, and is designed for customers who have struggled with credit issues, and are unable to acquire financing through a traditional bank. While this gives the customer the ability to repair their credit, this comes at a steep price.

How does it work?

When a customer purchases a vehicle through this service, they are accepting financing with a 21% annual percentage rate (APR). When a vehicle is sold, a car note is then created. sells these notes to eliminate their negative cash flow, so that they are able to purchase, refurbish, and sell more vehicles.  To attract investors, offers a 17.64% return on your money.

Since you are purchasing the car note, you are essentially purchasing the vehicle that was sold. With that being said, will act as the middleman to ensure that the customer continues to pay their monthly payments and remains current on their loan.

If a customers defaults on the car note, promises to replace your note with another paying car note. reserves 25% of all car notes to replace any notes that become delinquent.

The minimum investment required is $5,000, and you may invest up to $5 Million. When you purchase a note, it is important to realize that you are loaning your money to for a 12 month term. During this 12 month period, your money will be locked up. Review Conclusion

In my opinion, is legitimate for ‘some’ of your money. It is not a scam. However, this is a risky investment, so diversification is still critical. Your investment will be backed by the ability of the customer to repay their high APR loan, and the financial stability of to replace any notes that default.

With that being said, I believe that this investment would be suitable for a sophisticated type of investor.

I hope that you have found my Review to be informative and educational!  I wish you luck in your research efforts!

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