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Jusuru Compensation Plan imageWelcome to my review of the Jusuru Compensation Plan!

How does the Jusuru Compensation Plan really work?  Does it reward Jusuru Independent Representatives fairly for their efforts of selling Jusuru Life Blend, and enrolling new Representatives to do the same?

Does the Jusuru Compensation Plan provide you with the potential earnings that you require to become a Home Business success story?  Lets take a closer look in my review of the Jusuru Compensation Plan!

Organizational Ranking System

Jusuru Compensation imageAs you achieve qualifying milestones in your Jusuru Business, and recruit new Representatives to duplicate your efforts, you will begin to progress through the various Leadership Positions within the Jusuru Compensation Plan.  These include from lowest to highest:

  • Venture 1
  • Venture 2
  • Venture 3
  • Venture 4
  • Endeavor 1
  • Endeavor 2
  • Endeavor 3
  • Endeavor 4
  • Enterprise

As a Jusuru Representative who is steadily increasing their personal sales volumes, and working diligently to build and train a sales team, the Jusuru Compensation Plan provides the ability to earn an immediate, as well as a residual income.

9 ways to earn in their pay plan…

Jusuru Independent Representatives are provided with 9 ways to generate an income in the Jusuru Compensation Plan:

1. Direct Sales

As you sell Jusuru Life Blend to your customers, you will earn up to 30% on every bottle that you sell.

You will purchase Jusuru Life Blend at the wholesale price of $35 per bottle, and sell this bottle for the suggested retail price of $49.95.  This equates to an instant $14.95 profit.

2. Preferred Customer

As you are building your Jusuru Business, many of your customers may enroll into their monthly Autoship Program to receive a discount of 15% from the retail price.  This Autoship will automatically ship these products to your customer’s home every month.

For these Customers on Autoship, you will earn a 15% retail profit every time a shipment is processed.  You will earn this for as long as they continue their Autoship.

3. Fast Start Bonus

Unlike other MLM compensation plans where you are qualified to earn Fast Start Bonuses (FSB) for YOUR first 60 days in business, Jusuru will reward this bonus for the first 60 days that your personally sponsored Representatives are in business.

Depending on your rank, you will earn up to 20% of your new Representative’s Personal Volume (PV) in their first 60 days.  For as long as you continue to sponsor new Representatives into your organization, you will continue to earn the FSB for all new recruits.

4. Team Commissions

Compensation For Jusuru Representatives imageAfter the Fast Start Bonus period has ended, you will continue to earn up to 10% in Team Commissions on the Personal Volume of your team members, going down as far as 7 generations in your Jusuru Organization.

5. Turbo Infinity Bonus

Once you achieve the rank of Endeavor 3 and higher, you will be qualified to earn the Turbo Infinity Bonus (TIB).  Where Team Commission are limited to the first 7 generations in your organization, the TIB will compensate you for the Personal Volume of Representatives beyond your 7th generation, going infinity deep.  The TIB will provide you with up to 1% on team sales throughout your entire organization.

6. IRep Elite Bonus Program

Each time you progress in rank, you will earn cash bonuses.  You will receive this same bonus when your downline Representatives are promoted as well.

This is all the information that Jusuru provides in regards to this bonus.

7. Leader Checkmatch

The Leader Checkmatch is designed to encourage upline Representatives to work directly with their downline Team Members to achieve success.

Once you achieve the rank of Endeavor 2 and above within the Jusuru Compensation Plan, you will earn a Checkmatch Bonus of up to 25% on your downline Representative’s Qualified Earnings.

Qualified Earnings are defined as a combination of:

  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Team Commissions
  • Turbo Infinity Bonus

As you help your Team Members achieve success, you will earn a match of these 3 bonuses that are earned by your downline Representatives.

8. Leadership Pools

Jusuru reserves a percentage of company-wide sales volumes to reward their leaders with prizes, cash, luxury vacations, etc.  As a Leader within Jusuru, you will earn shares of this pool to participate in Jusuru’s latest incentive.

9. Car Bonus

When you achieve the rank of Endeavor 3 or above, and maintain that rank for 3 consecutive months, you will qualify for a monthly car bonus.  Depending on your rank within the Jusuru Compensation Plan, you will earn up to $1,000 per month to purchase a silver Mercedes-Benz.

Jusuru Compensation Plan Conclusion

In my opinion, the Jusuru Compensation Plan is very fair, and will become quite lucrative in time for those who achieve the qualifying milestones to progress through their Leadership Positions.  Achieving higher ranks within the Jusuru Compensation Plan will mean that you are earning larger percentages on the sales volumes of more and more Representatives in your downline.

The Jusuru Compensation Plan strongly encourages the mentoring and support from upline Representatives.  This is an element that I look for when I am reviewing MLM compensation plans.  Jusuru provides the monetary incentive for upline Representatives to work directly with their downline members, as a major portion of their monthly earnings is directly tied to their Downline Representative’s sales volumes.

Build and train a large organization of Jusuru Representatives, and the Jusuru Compensation Plan will reward you accordingly.

This concludes my review of the Jusuru Compensation Plan!

Next, learn more about Jusuru and their MLM Business opportunity in my Jusuru Review!

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