Kleeneze Review – Scam Or Legitimate MLM Business?

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Kleeneze Review imageWelcome to my Kleeneze Review!

Kleeneze is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company with a vision to become the friendly face of home shopping.

In this Kleeneze Review, I will be examining this company, the home shopping services that they provide, and more importantly, the MLM Business opportunity that they provide as a Kleeneze Distributor.

This Kleeneze Review will be answering one important question!  Is Kleeneze a scam, pyramid scheme, or do they offer a legitimate MLM Business opportunity?  This is my unbiased Kleeneze Review!

Company Details & History

Kleeneze Logo imageFounded in 1923 by Harry Crook, Kleeneze is a UK based company that provides customers with the ability to shop for every-day products in the comfort of their own home, simply by browsing through a Kleeneze catalog.

Available markets

At the time of writing this Kleeneze Review, Kleeneze products, as well as their business opportunity are available only in the Uk, Republic of Ireland, Germany, and the Netherlands.

However, this company is growing rapidly, and I would be surprised if we do not see Kleeneze and their opportunity appearing in other international markets in the near future.

The product catalog

The driving force behind their long track record of success is the Kleeneze catalog, which features more than 2,000 products ranging from:

  • Kitchen
  • Homecare
  • Bed & Bath
  • In the home
  • Car & Garden
  • Health & Beauty
  • Gifts & Seasonal
  • Jewelry

Product Distribution

Each time a customer places an order, their products are hand-delivered right to their doorstep by the Distributor who facilitated the sale, a personalized service that Kleeneze has become well-known for.

Kleeneze products are distributed exclusively through a Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing business model.  This represents the business opportunity that provides Distributors with the potential to build a substantial residual, and for some, full time income from home.

MLM Business – How it all works…

Kleeneze Review - Catalog imageWhen you visit their website, you’ll notice that Kleeneze provides a couple of presentation videos that will tell you more about the business, and the reasons that you should join.  However, they do not provide the details of how to join, or the investment that will be required.  They will refer you back to the person who has introduced you to Kleeneze to begin the next steps.

However, through other online sources, I have found that the minimum cost of beginning your business will be approximately £80 (about $130 USD).

A day in the life of a Distributor

Immediately following your enrollment as a new Distributor, you will be partnered with your sponsor.  This person will serve as your direct line for support and mentoring.

There are two parts to building this business:

  • Retailing
  • Sponsoring


Kleeneze Review - Distributor Training imageRetailing will include the actual selling of products, and building a loyal customer base.

As we have covered, company sales are generated through their catalog.  In other words, sales can not be achieved without the distribution of their catalogs.  Distribution is handled by all Distributors, and will be your primary duty as a new Distributor.

It is important to note that these catalogs are not provided to Distributors free of charge.  These catalogs are printed at the expense of Kleeneze, and they pass on this expense to their Distributors.

Daily activities

To begin generating sales as soon as possible, each day you will participate in the following activities:

  • You will pack your catalogs, including your name and telephone number on all of your catalogs and order forms.
  • You will distribute your catalogs door-to-door in your local neighborhoods.
  • You will go door-to-door to introduce yourself to new potential customers, and find out if they would like to receive a catalog.  If they take a catalog, you will let them know when you will return to collect it.
  • A couple of days after you have distributed your catalogs, you will travel the same route to collect your catalogs.
  • You will check for orders, and ensure that your customer’s addresses are filled in correctly.
  • You will then submit your customer’s orders to Kleeneze.
  • When all orders have been shipped to your home, you will verify that the individual orders are correct.
  • You will then separate the products into your individual customer orders, including a copy of their order form.
  • Next, you will personally deliver every order to each individual customer.  Remember to take some change in case your customer pays for their products in cash.  Kleeneze does not accept credit card payments.
  • You will then deposit all funds that you have collected into the bank.
  • Lastly, Kleeneze will then send you an invoice outlining the amount that you will need to pay to the company.  The amount that is left over is your instant profit.


Sponsoring includes your activities to build and train a sales team of downline Distributors.

Sponsoring will give you the ability to leverage the time and effort of others, and benefit from the daily activities of every downline Distributor.  In time, your efforts of building and training a sales team will represent the majority of your income.

Training & Support

You’ll be trained to contact your ‘warm’ list to begin sponsoring new Distributors into your organization.  Your warm list will include everyone who you know personally, including your friends, family members, acquaintances, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

You will start by contacting those who are closest to you, and who you see on a regular basis.  For those who are interested in joining your team, you will simply show them their Opportunity DVD.  This DVD is designed to do the selling for you!

Next, you will begin calling individuals on your warm list who maybe you do not see on a regular basis.  You will let them know that you have put a DVD in the mail to them, and ask them to take a look at it.  You will then contact them in a couple of days to see if they are interested in joining your opportunity.

Kleeneze will also train you to utilize the Three Foot Rule, where you will literally introduce the opportunity to everyone who comes within three feet of you.  You will become accustomed to asking this common sales question:

“Who do you know who can use an extra income?”  After asking this question, you will hand them your business card.

Income potential

If you distribute 250 catalogs per week, you will earn approximately £274 in a four week period.

In addition to this, if you recruit 10 people who work to duplicate your efforts, your income will increase to approximately £1,260 every four weeks.  You will now qualify for Gold Distributor status.

If you increase your downline by another 10 people (20 total), and 5 of your team members also qualify for Gold Distributor status, you will qualify for Senior Executive Distributor status.  You will now be earning approximately £50,000 per year.

Kleeneze Review Conclusion

Although Kleeneze seems to be a bit old-fashioned, and would not be my business of choice, this is a legitimate MLM Business opportunity.  This is a company that has been growing and expanding for more than 85 years, proving that this is not a scam or pyramid scheme.

Food for thought

However, I strongly disagree with the marketing and business building training that Kleeneze provides to their Distributors.

Kleeneze will tell you in their presentation videos that contacting your warm list is the quickest and most effective way to begin building a profitable home business!

I do not agree!  In fact, this MLM industry is plagued with a 97% failure rate, leaving only 3% of Distributors who actually build a successful business.  If Warm Marketing methods truly were the best way to build a business in today’s world, we would not see such a high failure rate in this Network Marketing industry.

Setting expectations…

As you can see from the daily activities that I listed above, new Distributors will need to be prepared to work, and work hard!

Distributing 250 catalogs every week, going back a few days later to collect these catalogs, accepting orders, and personally delivering customer orders door-to-door is no small task.  Not only that, but you’ll need to find some spare time to share your business opportunity with others, as well as support and mentor your team members in building their individual businesses.

For those who begin this business with the correct expectations, and put in the enormous time and effort that this business will require, Kleeneze does offer a solid opportunity.

You will truly work for it though, and I personally admire anyone who has successfully built a Kleeneze business.

This concludes my Kleeneze Review.  If you have found this Kleeneze Review to be helpful, or if you have anything to add, please provide your feedback below!

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