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Mannatech Compensation Plan imageThis review of the Mannatech Compensation Plan is going to be much different than the majority of compensation plan reviews that you are used to seeing from me.

Instead of outlining and explaining the various compensation plan components within the Mannatech Compensation Plan, Mannatech just simply outlines the step-by-step process involved in getting a business off the ground and making money as soon as possible.

So, instead of listing the individual commissions or bonuses within the Mannatech Compensation plan, I will be providing a brief summary of the actions or steps that new Associates must go through in order to put their Mannatech on the fast track to success.

The Y.E.S. Plan and how it works

Mannatech Products imageYou will hear the Mannatech Compensation Plan be referred to as the Y.E.S. Plan, standing for Your Economic Stimulus Plan, and involves a five step process to begin building your team of Associates and generating an income.  These steps include:

Step 1.

Enroll as an Associate.  This will involve purchasing a Premium All-Star Pack for an investment of $499.

There are three packs to choose from, depending on your wellness goals:

  • Health Pack
  • Weight Management Pack
  • Skin Care Pack

Next, you will need to set up your $100 Automatic Order.  This will automatically ship products to your home every month, and bill your credit card accordingly.

Step 2.

You will simply enroll 2 others who you feel could benefit from Mannatech products, and would also wish to build a Mannatech business and participate in the Mannatech Compensation Plan.

When accomplished, you will earn a Direct Bonus of $75 for each new Associate.  Your total bonus earnings at this point will be $150.

Step 3.

Mannatech Compensation Plan Steps imageYou will help your 2 new Associates to enroll 2 of their own.

When accomplished, your earnings will include:

  • $425 Power Start Bonus
  • $425 Fast Start Bonus

Your total bonus earnings at this point will be $1,000, plus you will now be earning a Monthly Team Bonus of $100, depending on the performance of your team as a whole.

Step 4.

Assist your two personally sponsored Associates, as well as their two Associates to build their teams of 6.

Once your 1st Generation of Associates has been built, you will earn a Generation bonus of $800.

Your total bonus earnings at this point will be $1,800, and your monthly residual income will be $150.

Step 5.

Help the remaining Associates in your downline to build their team of 6.

Once your 2nd Generation of Associates has been built, you will earn a 2nd Generation Bonus of $800.

Your total bonus earnings at this point will be $2,600, and your monthly residual income will be $300.

Mannatech Compensation Plan Conclusion

To put things simply, you will build a team of 6 associates, and then assist each new Associate in also building a team of 6 of their own.  Once accomplished, you will have earned $2,600 in bonuses, and generated an ongoing residual income of $300 monthly.

To earn more within the Mannatech Compensation Plan, you will just simply duplicate your efforts to begin building a larger and more profitable organization of Mannatech Associates.

Next, learn more about Mannatech and their MLM Business opportunity in my Mannatech Review!

This concludes my review of the Mannatech Compensation Plan!  If you have found this review to be helpful, or if you have anything to add, please provide your feedback below!

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    Dave, I think your review is accurate. You must also be aware of Mannatech’s bigger goal which is to prevent the death of 5 million children who die annually from malnutrition. Mannatech provides nutrition to a child, for 1 month, every time a core product is purchased by an associate. This company is not just about making money, it is about optimal health, improved financial status and helping children all over the world to survive and have a normal life.

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    Now that is some terrific journalism.

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