Mannatech Review – Scam Or Legitimate MLM Business?

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Mannatech Review imageWelcome to my Mannatech Review.

Mannatech is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company on a mission to make life better for the millions of customers and Distributors who they serve.

In this Mannatech Review, I will be examining this company, as well as the products that they offer.  However, my focus in this Mannatech Review will be on the MLM Business opportunity that they offer as a Mannatech Associate!

Is Mannatech a scam, pyramid scheme, or legitimate MLM Business opportunity?  This is my unbiased Mannatech Review!

Company Details & History

Mannatech Logo imageFounded by Sam Caster, Mannatech offers health and wellness products to help customers and associates attain premier health, weight and fitness goals, as well as a line of skin care products.

Flagship Product

Their flagship product and the catalyst behind their success is their Ambrotose complex.  Ambrotose is formulated with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to provide some of the following benefits to the human body:

  • Cell-to-cell communication
  • Support immune system health
  • Assist digestion functions
  • Enhance cognitive brain function

Other Products

Like I mentioned, Mannatech offers products to assist in three areas of overall health.

Mannatech Review - Products image1. Health – Products include:

  • Advanced Ambrotose®
  • Ambrotose AO®

2. Weight & Fitness – Products include:

  • Accelerator3™
  • AmbroStart®
  • EM•PACT®
  • FiberSlim®
  • GlycoSlim®
  • OsoLean®
  • SPORT™

3. Skin Care – Products include:

  • Mannatech LIFT™ Skin Care System
  • LIFT™ Exfoliating Facial Cleanser
  • LIFT™ Multiphase Serum
  • LIFT™ Day Moisturizer
  • LIFT™ Night Repair Crème
  • LIFT™ Body Lotion
  • LIFT™ Five-Piece Trial Set
  • LIFT™ Basic Day Routine Kit
  • LIFT™ Treatment Starter Kit
  • Emprizone®
  • FIRM with Ambrotose®

Mannatech utilizes a Network Marketing or MLM Business opportunity to distribute their products in 16 countries around the globe.  They currently serve more than 500,000 consumers world-wide.

For every product that is purchased, Mannatech offers a six-month 100% money back guarantee.

MLM Business – How it all works…

Mannatech Review - MLM Business imageThe cost to begin your business as an Associate is an investment of $499 for your Premium/All-Star Pack.  There will be three to choose from:

Health Pack

Weight Management Pack

Skin Care Pack

You can also choose to customize your pack with products from all three categories.  Your investment of $499 will include $565 worth of products.

Their Autoship Requirement

Next, you will need to enroll into their $100 per month Automatic Order.  This is often referred to as an Autoship order, and will ship products to your home every month.  Your credit card on file will be billed accordingly.

Getting started in the business…

Once you have enrolled, it will now be time to begin building your business.  This includes a 5 step process where you will begin by enrolling two individuals who you feel would benefit from their products, and also wish to build a Mannatech business.  Once you have enrolled your two new Associates, you will assist your team members in enrolling two of their own, and so on down the line.

I have included a link at the bottom of this Mannatech Review which will provide many more details as to how this 5 step process works, as well as the compensation that you will earn as you progress through each step.

New Associate Training & Support

Like I mentioned, yourself and everyone in your team will begin by enrolling two new associates.  To accomplish this, Mannatech will ask you to ask yourself two questions:

1. Who do you know who could also benefit from better health, safer and more effective fat loss, or more youthful quality of skin?

2. Who do you know who could use another $2600 in today’s rough economic times?

You will then enroll two names who come to mind!

In other words, the Warm Marketing methods of approaching friends, family members, acquaintances, neighbors, and associates will be the basis of your new Associate training.

As you go along in building your business, Mannatech will provide you with training and support materials such as:

  • DVDs & Product Sheets
  • Personal Web Pages
  • Online Training
  • Success Tracker
  • Customer Care & Support Line
  • Leadership Support
  • Weekly Calls & Webinars

However, with the training and support tools that Mannatech provides, building your business around your Warm Market will still be at the core of your training and support!

Mannatech Review Conclusion

In my opinion, Mannatech is a legitimate MLM Business and should not be considered a scam or pyramid scheme!  I have heard many positive things regarding their products, and they have been offering these products for many years.

Food for thought…

My only reservation is this:  Mannatech’s sales literature, including their compensation plan presentation focuses exclusively on recruiting other Associates into their business opportunity.  When you download the PDF version of their Y.E.S Plan (compensation plan), it focuses on how you will be compensated for enrolling Associates.  There is not a single mention of how you would be compensated for your efforts of product sales and acquiring customers!

This begs the question, “Is Mannatech in the business of recruiting Associates, or are they driven by acquiring customers?”

MLM Companies who are primarily motivated by recruiting individuals into their business opportunity are beginning to receive unfriendly visits from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  There needs to be a larger focus on customer acquisition!  This is just something to think about!

Warm Marketing Methods

Also, above I mentioned how your training will be based upon Warm Marketing methods.  I have emphasized this point because I strongly disagree that these methods are the most effective way to build a home business in today’s modern world.

I will agree that Warm Marketing methods worked well in the 60s, 70s and even the 80s…They do not work today!

You see, depending on your goals, building a profitable Mannatech business is going to require a downline of hundreds, if not thousands of customers and Associates.  With this in mind, ask yourself these two questions:

1. How many people do you really know among your friends and family members?

2. How many of those people would realistically join you and attempt to build a Mannatech business?

To build a downline of hundreds, let alone thousands, we as individuals simply do not possess a large enough list of contacts to rely on the methods that Mannatech trains and encourages.

Considering the power that the Internet has on home based businesses today, it baffles me how MLM Companies do not train more modern and effective marketing methods.

With all of this being said, I do believe that Mannatech offers great products, as well as a solid business opportunity.  But only if you possess an ability to truly market, and not rely only on those who you know personally!

Next, learn the exact details of how Mannatech Associates are compensated as my Mannatech Review continues with their Compensation Plan!

This concludes my Mannatech Review.  If you have found this review to be helpful, or if you have anything to add, please provide your feedback below!

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