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MyVideoTalk Compensation Plan imageWelcome to my review of the MyVideoTalk Compensation Plan!

How exactly does the MyVideoTalk Compensation Plan work?

How are MyVideoTalk Representatives compensated for their efforts of referring new business, and recruiting others to do the same?

In my review of the MyVideoTalk Compensation Plan, I will be looking at each component of their pay plan to provide you with the exact details.  Lets take a closer look!

Compensation Plan Model

The MyVideoTalk Compensation Plan features a Dual Core Double Binary Comp Plan.  This plan is designed to provide you with immediate earnings, as well as a long-term residual or royalty income as you refer new business and begin your recruiting efforts.

9 ways to earn in their pay plan…

MyVideoTalk Compensation Plan Model imageAs Representatives refer new business, and recruit new Representatives, they will earn compensation on both a weekly and monthly basis.  The MyVideoTalk Compensation Plan features several ways to earn as you are building your business.  These include:

1. Fast Start Retail Bonuses

When new Representatives join MyVideoTalk to begin their home business, they have two options to choose from to satisfy their purchase requirement:

  1. MyVideoTalk’s Basic Studio for a one time $249.90, and an ongoing $29.90 per month.
  2. MyVideoTalk’s Business Builder Package for a one time $399.90, and an ongoing $49.90 per month.
  • When your new Representatives purchase the Basic Studio, you will earn $25.
  • When your new Representatives purchase the Business Builder Package, you will earn $100.

2. Team Builder Bonuses

Each time you sell the MyVideoTalk Studio Packages, you will earn a Team Builder Bonus of $25.  This bonus is paid every week as you achieve new sales.

3. Executive Leadership Matrix Bonus

This bonus of the MyVideoTalk Compensation Plan provides an incentive for upline sponsors to work directly with their team members to achieve success.

When you achieve Executive Status by enrolling two new Representatives and helping them to achieve Team Builder Status, you will earn $200.  Representatives will achieve Team Builder Status when they have enrolled two new Representatives of their own, and generated a minimum of 120 Personal Sales Volume (PSV)

4. Weekly Team Commissions

Once you achieve Team Builder Status, you will qualify for Weekly Team Commissions.

The MyVideoTalk Compensation Plan utilizes a Binary Tree Structure.  This simply means that as you recruit new Representatives, you will be placing them in either your right leg, or your left leg.  Weekly Team Commissions will pay you according to the sales volumes that are generated in both of those legs.

Each time your organization generates 720 Weekly Sales Volume (WSV) in one leg, and 360 in the other, you will earn a commission cycle.  Each time this occurs, you will earn a $100 Team Commission.

Compensation For MyVideoTalk Representatives image5. Global Rewards Check Match Bonuses

This bonus will give you a 50% check match of Weekly Team Commissions that you earn every time you generate a commission cycle.

Each time one leg generates 720 WSV, and the other leg generates 360, you will earn an additional $50.

6. Monthly Binary Matrix

Again, going back to earning a commission cycle with 720 WSV in one leg, and 360 in the other, this bonus will provide you with an additional $25 each time this occurs.  Combined with Weekly Team Commissions, and the Global Rewards Check Match Bonus, you will earn a total of $175 every time you generate a commission cycle within your business.

7. Leadership Rewards

Each time you are promoted to a higher leadership position within the MyVideoTalk Compensation Plan, you will be rewarded with free gifts.  These gifts include 8mp Digital Cameras, LCD and home theatre systems, motorcycles, paid for trips, a house fund of $200,000, and many more.  The higher you climb, the better your rewards will become.

8. Sales Office Program

When you submit 50 new team sales per week in one given region, MyVideoTalk will provide you with additional funds to open a sales office.  This will give you the capability to increase sales, conduct trainings, and weekly presentations for the benefit of your team in that region.

MyVideoTalk will provide you with 50% of the security deposit up to $2,500, and will pay up to $700 per month for your monthly lease.

9. Presidents Weekly Club

As you achieve the top leadership positions within the MyVideoTalk Compensation Plan, this club will provide you with additional recognition and rewards.

MyVideoTalk Compensation Plan Conclusion

In my opinion, the MyVideoTalk Compensation Plan is very fair, and offers great potential to become very lucrative for those who achieve the qualifying milestones that enable them to attain higher ranks to earn more commissions and bonuses on more and more Representatives in their organization.

The MyVideoTalk Compensation Plan is designed to encourage one-on-one sponsoring from upline Representatives to assist beginner and intermediate Representatives to continue working towards building a profitable MyVideoTalk Business.

Your Representative’s success is your success in the MyVideoTalk Compensation Plan, and this is what I look for when I am reviewing Business Opportunities.

This concludes my review of the MyVideoTalk Compensation Plan!

Next, learn more about MyVideoTalk and their MLM Business opportunity in my MyVideoTalk Review!

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  2. A Player says:

    This complete model is a scam! You will lose your time only to make others rich! Forget it, it is not worth the trouble!

    What you essentially do is to convince innocent people to buy a ridiculously overpriced license which allows you to resell the product. Video-Email will never be successful! At least not how they do it.

    Long story short! Keep away from Pyramid systems! They never pay off!

    FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE! And don’t get brain washed!

  3. preamplificatore says:

    Hi, this is a great post! Thanks..

  4. HI,
    I am a MVT rep and have had a wonderful experience and an awesome income. The compensation plan is designed so EVERYBODY profits! I love it.
    Margaret Wilson

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