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Neways Compensation Plan imageWelcome to my review of the Neways Compensation Plan!

How does the Neways Compensation Plan really work?  Will the Neways Compensation Plan reward Neways Distributors fairly for selling their products, and recruiting new Distributors to do the same?

I intend to answer these questions as I provide the exact details of how you will be compensated as a Neways International Distributor.  Lets take a closer look in my review of the Neways Compensation Plan!

6 ways to earn in their pay plan…

Neways Products imageThe Neways Compensation Plan features 6 ways for you to earn income.  While you will not enjoy the full impact of all of these in the beginning stages of your business, you will in time enjoy these benefits as you increase your personal sales production, and begin to recruit hard working Distributors who are duplicating your efforts.  These 6 components include:

1. $50 Fast Cash Reward

You will earn $50 each time you enroll a New Distributor who purchases $150 worth of products on their monthly Direct Ship program.

To qualify for this bonus, you must also be enrolled to receive $150 worth of products on a monthly basis.

2. Multiplex Profit Center

If you are enrolled into their Direct Ship program, you will earn commissions on the first 100 Product Volume (PV) from orders placed by your downline members.  You can earn these commissions going down as far as 7 generations in your downline.

Your rank within the Neways Compensation Plan, and the amount of products that you purchase on a monthly basis will determine your commission percentage, and the amount of generations you can benefit from.

  • If your monthly product purchases are equivalent to 50 PV, you will earn 5% going down as far as 5 generations, depending on your rank.
  • If your monthly product purchases are equivalent to 100 PV, you will earn 8% going down as far as 5 generations, depending on your rank.
  • If you are enrolled in their $150 Direct Ship, you will earn even more.

Compensation For Neways Distributors image3. Group Development & Personal Rebates

Unlike the Multiplex Profit Center that pays you on the first 100 PV, Group Development & Personal Rebates will pay you on Product Volume greater than 100.  Again, to qualify, you must be enrolled into their $150 monthly Direct Ship program, or place product purchases equivalent to 200 PV throughout the month.

4. Executive Leadership Bonuses

When your personally sponsored Distributors achieve the rank of Executive within the Neways Compensation Plan, they will then break away from your team to create their own Executive Group.  When this occurs, you will earn Executive Leadership Bonuses that are based upon the production of their team.

5. Car & Home Office Bonus

When you are promoted to the rank of Senior Executive or higher, and earn commission checks of at least $2,000 for three consecutive months, you will be qualified to earn up to $1,000 per month to pay for a new car, or home office furnishings.  The choice is yours.

6. Retailing

You will earn an instant 30% retail profit when you purchase products at the member price (wholesale), and sell them to your customers at the suggested retail price.

Neways Compensation Plan Conclusion

In my opinion, the Neways Compensation Plan is very fair.  It provides the opportunity to earn commissions quickly as you sell products, but also provides potentially huge long-term returns as you build a large and profitable organization.

As you reach qualifying milestones in your Neways Business, and progress through their various leadership positions, these 6 components within the Neways Compensation Plan will become more and more lucrative.

In time, you will earn larger percentages on more generations in your organization.

This concludes my review of the Neways Compensation Plan!

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