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Qivana Compensation Plan imageWelcome to my review of the Qivana Compensation Plan!

How exactly does the Qivana Compensation Plan work?  How are Qivana Independent Business Owners (IBO) compensated for their efforts of selling Qivana products, and recruiting new IBOs into their organization?  In my review of the Qivana Compensation Plan, I will be providing the exact details of how each component of this pay plan will reward IBOs, as well as the qualifications that are in place in order to participate.  Lets take a closer look!

Binary Compensation Plan Model

Qivana Products imageLike many other Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies, the Qivana Compensation Plan employs a Binary Tree Structure.  Simply put, as you recruit new IBOs into your organization, you will place them into two sales teams:  A right leg, and a left leg.  The earnings that you generate in those two sales teams will be calculated based upon the production in your lesser performing leg.

For example, if your right leg generates $3,000 in sales in a four week period, but your left leg only generates $1,500, you will receive bonuses and commissions from your left leg only, the lesser performing leg.

5 ways to earn in their pay plan…

The Qivana Compensation Plan features 5 ways for their IBOs to earn as they are generating sales, and building an organization of Qivana IBOs.  These include:

1. Team Commissions

Going right back to this Binary Tree Structure, as you recruit new IBOs, and place them in either leg of your organization, you will earn 10% Team Commissions based upon the sales volumes in your lesser performing binary leg.


  • You must be active with 100 Personal Volume (PV).
  • Your lesser performing leg must generate at least 500 Group Volume (GV).
  • You must personally sponsor one active IBO in both your right leg and your left leg (two IBOs total).

2. Retail Commissions

As a Qivana IBO, you will purchase products at wholesale prices, and sell them at the suggested retail price.  The spread between these two prices is your instant profit.

Many of your customers may enroll into their monthly Autoship program to receive a discount off of retail pricing.  For these Preferred Customers, you will earn the difference between the wholesale price and their discounted price.

3. Executive Matching Bonus

Compensation For Qivana IBOs imageUnlike the Binary Tree Structure, where you are placing each new IBO into two sales teams, in the case of the Executive Matching Bonus (EMB), everyone who you personally sponsor is placed on your first level going infinity wide.  The EMB entitles you to earn a match of Team Commissions that are earned by IBOs in your organization, up to seven generations, dependent upon your rank within the Qivana Compensation Plan.

A Generation is defined as all IBOs who you have personally sponsored, and IBOs who they have personally sponsored, going down until an IBO is found who is qualified at the rank of Silver.

To achieve the rank of Silver within the Qivana Compensation Plan, you must have 50 PV in personal volume each month, and personally sponsor two IBOs on Autoship.  Again, one IBO will be placed in your right binary leg, and the other in your left binary leg.


  • Must be qualified at the rank of Silver.
  • Must be enrolled into their monthly Autoship program with 100 PV.
  • Must personally sponsor at least 4 active IBOs who have also enrolled into their monthly Autoship program.

4. Quick Start Bonus

The Quick Start Bonus is the quickest way to earn commissions as a brand new IBO, and is dependent upon the amount of products you are purchasing on monthly Autoship.

This bonus will reward you with up to 20% of the initial order of every new IBO that you personally sponsor, depending on your own Autoship Order.

  • If your Autoship is equivalent to 100-199 PV, you will qualify for 10% of your new IBO’s initial order.
  • If your Autoship is equivalent to 200 PV or more, you will qualify for 20% of your new IBO’s initial order.

5. Silver Bonus

The Silver Bonus rewards IBOs for helping their team members achieve the rank of Silver.  Each time an IBO in your organization achieves the rank of Silver within the Qivana Compensation Plan, you will earn a $40 Silver Bonus.


  • Must be a qualified Silver with at least 100 PV in the four week period that your new IBO achieves the rank of Silver.

Qivana Compensation Plan Conclusion

In my opinion, the Qivana Compensation Plan is a fair pay plan that encourages team building, and your leadership ability to train and mentor your downline IBOs to achieve success in their individual businesses.

The Qivana Compensation Plan encourages team synergy, as each IBO’s success is dependent upon each other.  Work as a team, support and mentor your downline IBOs, and the Qivana Compensation Plan will reward you accordingly.

This concludes my review of the Qivana Compensation Plan!

Next, learn more about Qivana and their MLM Business opportunity in my Qivana Review!

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