Reliv Review – Scam Or Legitimate MLM Business?

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Reliv Review imageWelcome to my Reliv Review!

In this Reliv Review, I will be providing some background on this company, their products, and more importantly, their MLM business opportunity.

Is Reliv a scam, pyramid scheme, or is this a legitimate MLM Business opportunity?  Is this the best home based business opportunity on the market?  Are their products marketable?  This is my unbiased Reliv Review.

Company Details & History

Reliv International Logo imageReliv International was established in 1988 by Robert L. and Sandy Montgomery as a result of their growing interest in nutritional products due tolosing both of their parents in a very short period of time.

Robert and Sandy began their quest to find products that would maintain good health, and this led to the foundation of Reliv International.

Product Line

The Reliv Product line is designed to assist you in laying the foundation for better health.  Once this is achieved, then they offer products that focus on Targeted Solutions to provide additional nutritional support to help you maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

Many of the products that you can expect to find at Reliv International include:

  • Reliv Classic
  • Reliv Now
  • Slimplicity Weight Loss System
  • FibRestore
  • GlucAffect
  • ProVantage
  • SoySentials
  • Arthaffect
  • CardioSentials

Reliv Products are offered exclusively through more than 65,000 Distributors in 15 international markets.

MLM Business – How the opportunity works…

Reliv International Products imageAs a Reliv Distributor, you will benefit from 5 components of the Reliv International Compensation Plan.  These include:

1. Retail Profits

You will earn the spread between wholesale and retail prices for every product that you sell.

2. Wholesale Profits

As you personally sponsor new Distributors into your business, you will earn compensation on their purchases as well.

3. Overrides

You will earn additional compensation for assisting teams in your organization in becoming leaders within Reliv International.

4. Cash Bonuses & Trips

As you reach qualifying levels in your Reliv Business, you will qualify for travel, merchandise rewards, and cash bonuses.

5. Ambassador Program

When you volunteer your time and services to help others within Reliv to become successful, you will earn additional cash bonuses.

Reliv Review Conclusion

In my opinion, Reliv International is a very legitimate business.  Reliv has been offering quality products, and growing at extraordinary rates for more than 20 years, proving that they are not a scam.  As you are building your Reliv Business, you will be offering consumable products, giving you a tremendous opportunity to build a residual income through repeat orders from a satisfied customer base.

Food for thought…

It is important to note that this is a business that will train and encourage traditional methods of Network Marketing.  You will be trained to contact friends, family members, neighbors, and close associates to purchase products, and recruit new Distributors into your business.

With that being said, Reliv International has produced many successful Distributors throughout the years, and I believe that they offer a solid business opportunity for those who wish to build a quality Health and Wellness Home Business.

This concludes my Reliv Review!  If you have found this Reliv Review to be helpful, or if you have anything to add, please provide your feedback below!

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    With the web you’ve got the chance to build your business worldwide.
    It’s also been difficult to distance myself from naysayers.

    As time went on, those talents did emerge (mostly musical), and
    that left me with a different challenge.

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