Silpada Designs Review – Scam Or Legitimate MLM Jewelry Business?

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Silpada Designs Review imageWelcome to my Silpada Designs Review!

Silpada Designs is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company with a mission to empower women in their personal quest for success, as well as to support their Representatives in their desire to look and feel their very best.

In this Silpada Designs Review, I will be examining this company, their products, and more importantly, the MLM Business Opportunity that they offer as a Silpada Designs Representative.

Is Silpada Designs a scam, or do they offer a legitimate and promising MLM Home Business Opportunity?  Can you really build a home business selling Silpada Jewelry?  This is my unbiased Silpada Designs Review.

Company Details & History

Silpada Designs Logo imageSilpada Designs is a home business success story that began in a basement, and with the dream of two best friends, has grown into an enterprise that is represented by thousands of Independent Representatives.

Quality Craftsmanship

Founded in 1997 by Bonnie Kelly & Teresa Walsh, Silpada Designs is a direct sales company that offers a tremendous line of jewelry pieces, all of which are handcrafted with .925 Sterling Silver, the finest semi-precious stones, and man-made materials available anywhere.

Every Silpada Designs Jewelry piece is offered exclusively through their growing number of Representatives in the United States, Canada, and the U.K.  This will now transition us into my review of their Home Business Opportunity!

MLM Business – How it all works…

The cost to begin your business as a Silpada Designs Independent Representative is an Initial Certification Fee of $199.  This will provide you with all of the necessary materials to assist you in getting started right way.

This Certification Fee will also provide you with a 50% discount on any jewelry item that you purchase in your initial order so that you can invest in your Silpada Designs Jewelry Collection to add more pieces for displaying to your potential customers.

Qualifying purchases

At the time of enrollment, Silpada will discount their Initial Certification Fee if you make a qualifying initial purchase:

  • If you purchase $750 from the Silpada Designs Collection, your Initial Certification Fee will be discounted to $100.
  • If you purchase $1,750 from the Silpada Designs Collection, your Initial Certification Fee will be free.

Compensation – How their pay plan works

Silpada Designs Jewelry Collection image

As a Silpada Designs Representative, you will earn 30% instant profit for every jewelry item that you sell.  Silpada Designs features one of the highest Home Party averages for retail sales in the industry.

With their national Home Party average being $1,000 in retail sales, you will have the potential to earn approximately $300 for every Home Party that you conduct.  By conducting two parties per week, this equates to $75-$100 per hour.

As you begin to attract new Representatives into your organization, you will earn override commissions on the sales of your team members as well.

Through Silpada’s Fast Start program, you will have the opportunity to earn more than $3,000 in free jewelry if you attain qualifying milestones in your first 100 days as a new Representative.

I will limit the details of their pay plan to this, and at the bottom of this Silpada Designs Review, you will find a link that will provide the exact details of how Representatives are rewarded as they build their business!

Representative Training & Support

Based upon the training that you will receive from Silpada’s corporate office and from your sponsor, you will attempt to schedule Home Parties in the homes of your friends, family members, neighbors, acquaintances, co-workers, etc.  Once a jewelry party is scheduled, you will arrive with collections that you have purchased to showcase and share with your guests.  You will accept orders as your friends and family members are trying on jewelry and shopping for ideas.  You will recruit new Representatives into your organization when others notice your passion for your home business.  These methods of Network Marketing will be the basis of your new Representative training.

Hostess Rewards

Silpada Designs offers a Hostess Rewards Program, which will reward your willing hostesses for opening their home, and inviting many of their loved ones to attend.  Based upon the sales that you achieve in their home, they will earn substantial jewelry discounts and even free merchandise.

  • For retail sales of $500, the Hostess will earn a $150 Jewelry Credit.
  • For retail sales of $1,000, the Hostess will earn a $300 Jewelry Credit.
  • For retail sales of $1,500, the Hostess will earn a $450 Jewelry Credit.
  • For retail sales of $2,000, the Hostess will earn a $600 Jewelry Credit.

You will offer this incentive to your friends and family members as you are scheduling your Silpada Home Parties.

Silpada Designs Review Conclusion

In my opinion, Silpada Designs is a legitimate MLM Business Opportunity, and should not be considered as a scam or a pyramid scheme.  This is a business that has experienced tremendous growth and success, proving that they are a company that is here to stay.  Silpada has provided a promising home business opportunity to thousands of women and this number continues to grow daily.

If you possess a strong desire to build a business of this nature, and are willing to put in the time and effort that his business will surely require, you can achieve success while you are selling Silpada Designs Jewelry collections.

Setting expectations…

This business will take work, and will never be as easy as some may try to make it seem.  While Home Parties are a great way to generate a home business income, many will find that maintaining a full schedule of these parties is much more difficult than they first realized when they are limited to their warm market of friends and family members.

As long as you begin this business with the correct expectations, and continue to work diligently, Silpada Designs does offer a solid business opportunity with many rewards for your success.

Next, learn the exact details of how Silpada Designs Representatives are compensated as my Silpada Designs Review continues with their Compensation Plan!

This concludes my Silpada Designs Review!  If you have found this review to be helpful, or if you just have something to add, please provide your feedback below!

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  1. Dave Fennell says:

    Dave Fennell wrote this Silpada Designs Review for those who are researching the Silpada Business Opportunity. I would love your feedback. If you have any experiences with this company, whether good or bad, please share them here to assist others in their research efforts.

    I greatly appreciate your feedback and expertise, and others will too!

    To Your Success,

    Dave Fennell

  2. Michelle Polimo says:

    I was a Silpada representative for a short time and bought a large amount of jewelry for my “kit”. Even at 1/2 price it was still very expensive. I was not pleased with the customer support and I was not successful in selling any jewelry or having parties. Everyone thought it was way too expensive and with the economy the way it is now, people are not spending on expensive jewelry! I would not waste my time or money if I had to do it over again.

    • Dave Fennell says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences with Silpada Designs. While sales can be achieved by those who possess a passion for jewelry products, I believe that it is always best to offer products and services that can be sold in any economy. Not items that are considered ‘extras,’ and are not necessities.

      Thanks for sharing!

      Dave Fennell

    • Jayne Moore says:

      I have recently become a silpada representative, and love the jewellry. Michelle it sounds to me, like you loved the jewellery, you loved the idea but because unfortunately you made no sales, and received bad feedback then you gave up and decided to agree with what people said. This is not costume jewellery, it is hand made silver and so it is going to be more expensive. No one forced you to buy loads of jewellery for your collection, again that was a choice made by you, and if you had continued a good one, as the more you have to display the more you will sell. Something obviously attracted you to this opportunity, and made you put money into it. People need to remember this is a business, and just because you do not have premises and walk in customers, it does not mean that it is not hard work. You need to go and find your customers and if people think it is too expensive, fine go and find someone who doesnt, they are out there. I know many people go into MLM thinking it is easy money and it never is, but you do not have the initial start up cost or running cost of a business, and why shouldn’t you work at it, it is your choice to give in of course, but please do not do what so many others also do, think it is great, but when THEY do not put the effort in, blame the products and the company. If you opened a new jewellry shop, you would get many people thinking it was expensive, would you shut it down, no you would concentrate on the others.

      • Dave Fennell says:

        Hi Jayne,

        Thank you for sharing. I agree with many of your points. If you are going to spend the money to get involved in a business opportunity, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort to see it through. At least until it is obvious that something is just not working, and then it might be time to begin looking else where! If a business opportunity does not work out, just make sure that it was not due to your lack of trying!

        Every business is going to have different results for different people. While some might possess the talent to achieve sales in a jewelry business, others might perform much better in a candle business. This is all based upon your which type of products make you excited, and then passing along that excitement to your customers. Excitement is contagious. Of course, your long-term success is dependent upon your individual talents and dedication.

        You have to find the business that best matches your passion and talents, and then work hard to see it through!

      • mark says:

        Dave, sounds like you work for silpada designs.

        • Dave Fennell says:


          No, not quite. Jewelry is not my thing 🙂

          I am not associated with any company that I review on Marketing Methods Online in any way, shape, or form!

  3. Michelle Polimo says:

    I am a Scentsy consultant, and when choosing between the two, my customers ALWAYS choose the Scentsy. It’s much less expensive and people don’t seem to mind spending the money for home fragrance over jewelry every day. Also the Silpada selling quotas seem to be unobtainable in this economy.

  4. MIchelle Harkins says:

    I started with Silpada in January 2011 after being a long time hostess. I have earned OVER $4000 in FREE jewelry and double that in commission doing this part time (I have a full time job). I am on my way to makeing my “first year” and will hopefully have an all expense paid vacation in Hawaii. 🙂 Please note I live in Michigan where everyone I know is or has been laid off. I am still finding people that want quality and can afford it. Silpada is by far the best company I have ever worked for/with. I am allowed to be my own boss but have the guidance I need. I am very happy I made this decision. Silpada Rocks!! 🙂

    • Dave Fennell says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Congratulations on your success with Silpada Designs, and I wish you luck in earning your trip to Hawaii! Thank you for stopping by and sharing!

      Dave F

  5. Paul Murphy says:

    Regarding Michelle’s post, it’s obvious she hasn’t developed the skills to succeed in a sales business. You can have a big dream, tons of desire and work your tail off. If you don’t have the skills you’re doomed to fail.

    If you believe paper money has more value than pure silver jewelry, look again! I’m not a Silpada representative, just sharing some thoughts and insights here…

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  8. bone says:

    Awesome, I love jewelry myself.

  9. Jennifer says:

    I just hosted my first Silpada Party yesterday, my sister-in-law is a Silpada Representative. Even in this economy, the party sold $2400 worth of jewelry and orders are still being placed, so it will end up higher than that! Wow! Point is, the ladies are still shopping and like the high quality of this jewelry. I say go for it.

  10. Pattie says:

    I have sold Mary Kay in the past and did not like it because no one asked about my makeup or commented on my skin. I think the difference with Silpada is everyone can SEE your product. I love jewelry and think this is an opportunity for me. BUT, I cannot find anyone who says anything negative about the company (except Michelle and she struggled because she didn’t realize it may be uncomfortable for some people to ask for the purchase.) I really want an honest opinion from a successful consultant who has had struggles or problems with the product or the company. It can’t be all roses. Can someone give my some idea of what I might be getting into? I am ready to spend $2,000 on my initial inventory – I just love the designs! Thanks.

  11. Danielle says:

    Pattie, I have been selling Silpada a little over 2 years now. Initially just to get the discounted jewelry, pay it off and have some fun parties. You get what you put into this business. Working it takes discipline and effort. That’s your part. Sales can sometimes be difficult. But, Silpada has excellent customer service, an excellent/high quality product and unparralled representative support. They do everything they can to help reps succeed. I just finished a 4600.00 month in November. That is 1380.00 in direct profit. Not bad for part time, comfort of my own home, control of my schedule. Plus I earned free jewelry and met some really cool and beautiful women.

  12. Jeff Law says:

    This is some really good information. First of all, I am not in Silpada. I was researching to find out what it cost to setup properly to make a substantial amount of income and how to earn trips and if they offered a car program. I agree with all of you who said, you get out what you put in. That is to be true in anything in life whether it is a home based business, a marriage, or even a job! I’m not here either to bash Mary Kay, Silpada , Tupperware, Pampered Chef, or any other Direct sales companies because I am in a Great One myself. I am just doing a study on what it cost versus the money that you actually make and also how they reward there reps.

    I will also agree with those of you who said in this economy especially where some of you may live, it would be hard to sell any of those products. I do believe with a lot of hard work, yes money out of your pocket, and dedication and believing in what you are selling, you can make a good living.

    But if I could just share with anyone who would at least like to have an open mind, just look at what the company that I am involved with can offer you. I am only looking for those who are self disciplined and a desire to help others. I guarantee everyone who has already posted or that will post later, is already doing this business that I am talking about, except you are not participating in the pay plan! If I could show you how you could get paid off of bills you and people you know are already paying, wouldn’t that just make since alone? If I can show you how that with very little cost you can have a legitimate home based business that works if you work it without having to sell a ton of products or buy a ton of products, you only need 10 customer points to qualify for most of the money, which some of them could even be yourself. If I could show you how you can earn 2 free exotic paid vacations a year just by helping a few people instead of selling $70,000 worth of jewelry a year, wouldn’t that be better. If I can share with you how to earn payments of $700 a month towards your New BMW just by helping some more people, wouldn’t that be better than 12 page explanation like Mary Kay has, wouldn’t that be worth listening too?? If also I can share with you that you have a opportunity to share in the whole residual income of our company from anyone that has joined our business since 2001, and it is a Willable, Sellable, Trustable business that you can leave for your spouse or kids or your kids grandkids kids, wouldn’t that be worth a few miunutes of your time? Not to mention the tax breaks that you be able to get just like a traditional business would.

    Look our company has been featured in many prominent magazines, the USAToday as one of the top 11 direct selling companies in the world. We provide products and services that people use on an everyday basis and we are actually excelling in this economy. Companies like your Natural Gas and Electricity in deregulated states, Dish Network, Verizon, Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, Front Point Security, Envy Organics , True Essiential Vitamins, N2U World Music by Warner
    Bros. And much more. So you see, we are well diversified and we are able to get paid off of bills we are already paying. This is the 21st century business model, and even Warren Buffet said Jan of 2011, that the deregulation of Natural Gas and Electricity will be the biggest Wealth transfer in History! That is not a once in a lifetime thing, that is a once on History thing!

    Don’t hesitate, put yourself in the middle of this trillion dollar industry and do something big for you and your family! That is if you care enough about them! Pay the price now so your kids want have to later!

    Please at least look at this, because this could be what you have been praying for and asking God to send your way. Because it was for me and now I am able to quit a 16 year profession in the car industry to do this part time and have a full time life!

    May God Bless You All,
    Jeff Law
    Regional Sales Manager

    • Patricia A. says:

      This is Amway RIGHT???!!!!!!

      • Dave Fennell says:

        Hi Patricia,

        I am unclear of what you mean. No, Silpada Designs is not Amway, but both companies are MLM or Multi-Level Marketing companies if that is what you are referring to. Hope this helps,

        Dave F.

    • Monique says:

      Hello I am interested in finding out more about this trillion dollar company which you were hinting on. Two free vacations a year sounds great. Lol. I am looking at finding a realistic part time job that pays much better than part time. If you know what I mean. Look forward to hearing from you Jeff.

  13. Milla says:

    I found Silpada about a year ago , I became good friends with the representative and had a few parties and I just had her over to talk about me selling silpada , I love the jewels and always have family members asking for it , I already have a few pieces ….. I’m looking foward to a great start … I have a schedule devoted to work and many many ideas.
    Just thought I would share !

  14. Ciana says:

    Very informative. I was considering selling either Silpada and Mary Kay. I’m still doing my research, but this article provides good information.

  15. Julie says:

    I have had two parties in the last two years for Silpada. I love their jewelry. However, I have to say that the return policy that they rave about is not what it seems to be. I am one of these people that have to see, feel and touch my purchases. This is not possible when you shop from catalogue. I have had to return a couple of times and then told that after two exchanges you will get refunded.

    The other thing that was upsetting to me is that I found a rep who lives closer to me and was told that I had to deal with the original rep.

    Other than that, I have to say that they have beautiful, well made pieces.

  16. Debby says:

    I stumbled onto this so called “review” of Silpada jewelry: scam or legitimate MLM business, and what I read was more of a sales pitch than a review. A review should have both positive and negative, not just a list of facts from their promotional material. I have sold for these types of companies, MaryKay and ParkLane Jewelry and I can tell you that after you host parties for your friends and family, and maybe a couple of referrals, you have to pester people to have a party. MaryKay did have residual business because makeup needs to be replaced, but jewelry doesn’t. It’s expensive to buy and people won’t keep buying so you have to generate new people. In the end, you end up with lots of jewelry that you have spent lots of $ on.

    • Dave Fennell says:

      Hi Debby,

      Thank you for your comments and you do bring up some good points. Home party businesses are never going to be easy, and I did briefly touch on this at the end of my review. However, I will admit that I did not emphasize the difficulty of ‘home party’ type businesses as much as I usually do in other reviews of similar style companies.

      Thanks again for sharing!

      Dave F.

  17. Jere Triarsi says:

    Good stuff, God Bless ya!


    I am a new Silpada Designs representative. I look forward to new venture. I will keep you posted.

    • Dave Fennell says:


      Congratulations and best of luck in your new venture. Please do keep us posted on your progress.

      To your success!

      Dave F.

  19. I just wanted to share the reasons on why I became a Silpada Designs Rep…It’s about Girlfriends for Life, it’s about the jewelry and it’s about personal growth and improvement……I’ve been involved with many MLM’s and sure it’s nice to make lots of extra income, but none of them have touched my heart and soul like Silpada….They just get it – You can have it all, Financial freedom, .925 Silver jewelry, No pressure, No inventory, No formal sales presentations, No quotas and on and on…

    So with that said…Calling all Girlfriends, Come with me July 19-22 to check out Silpada National Conference -15th Anniversary and meet all of my Silpada Sisters!!!

    Free jewelry certificates: All first-time attendees will receive a $500 free jewelry certificate. Also, receive an additional $500 free jewelry certificate for every new Representative you bring to Conference!

    I’d love to share the opportunity and sisterhood with you…contact me @ and

  20. Regina says:

    Hello, I found this site by accident in searching for ways to market my business. I discovered Silpada in 2010 in a magazine ad for their jewelry. I joined January 2011 with a rep the corporate office referred me too.

    I loved the jewelry alone for myself. However, the rep started out with a lie telling I had to purchase nearly $1,000 in jewelry inventory. That is why I could not joined in 2010. I refused to be sold that I needed that much to start. I contacted the company they told me ‘NO’ I did not need inventory. To sign up was $199

    I signed with just the sign-up fee in 2011 and had the most difficult time getting parties booked. My sister in another city help me with sales getting co-workers to purchase from the catalog.

    By July 2011 I went to National Conference and had a great time. I met new people and it inspired me more to push for home parties to no success. When 2012 came around to renew my membership I was not prepared because I was never told about re-certification of another $199. My sponsor was not honest about a lot of things any very pushy.

    I did not make sales in the city I live-in. My own daughter and other family members and people in this town thinks the jewelry is to expensive. I got discourage and since I didn’t make sales to recover my initial sign-up fee and I was not paying again. So missed 2012.

    I did however love the jewelry because I like good quality products. I signed up again two weeks ago in June 2013. I had my first party last night. Three people showed up and not a single person purchased anything. They gave me ideas and encourage me to stick with it. They told me I would have better success up north in other states than Florida. They also referred my business to their co-workers and relatives.

    And that’s what I wanted to accomplished let others know what I do and share my business. They liked the jewelry themselves and promised to purchase later.

    Needless to say I was disappointed and hurt that other people did not show for the party. But this time around with Silpada; I will NOT give up. I suggest to others who wish to pursue this business DO NOT GIVE UP… if you are passionate about this business hard work will eventually pay off. This is not a quick get rich scheme.

  21. Diane says:

    Hey there, I was scrolling on the internet and found this page.. First let me start with this, I started selling silpada in October 2013 and I love love love this company.. Responding to some posts on this thread umm ok .. The company offers a lifetime guarantee, the jewelry is like no other .. The ladies are amazing. I sell mainly online and I do wonderful.. I did not go into this trying to become a millionaire .. I love sterling silver anyways in the short time I have been a rep I have my money back and then some I love it.. My sponsor is the best sponsor ever .. There are no quotas no becoming inactive no monthly fees and a nice discount .. You should believe in what you sell.. There are some other companies out there (jewelry) that offer pure trash and have high return/exchange rate, complaints.. With silpada I have had hundreds of customers not one has ever had an issue.. Never not one time has any item fallen apart.. It’s handcrafted in the us, great shipping rates and options. Awesome bonuses, it is real sterling silver.. I could go on and in I guess it depends on you and no you never have to track down ppl to host a party.. But yes parties can bring you more money ..

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