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Social Media Training imageWelcome to my Social Media Training!

It is hard to believe this, but Social Media has totally transformed our social lives.

Lets face it, websites like Facebook and Twitter have completely transformed how we interact with people.

Not only that, but Social Media has changed the way that business interact with their customers to sell products and services.  Gone are the days of local mom and pop shops.  The Internet has totally transformed the way that companies do business, and if businesses are not online, they are sinking and sinking fast.

Social Media For Business

Social Media Logo imageAs I have just said, Social Media is not only used for personal reasons.  It is also a proven strategy that many people are utilizing to promote their business, whether their business is online or offline.

In this social media training, we are going to take a look at one mistake that many people make when they are using social media accounts to promote their business.

A fatal mistake that many make…

When people begin promoting their business on sites like Facebook, Myspace, and LinkedIn, they will immediately download their entire hard drive from their computer, and load every single picture and video that they have into their profile.  Don’t do this!

Let me explain. Every time that you load a picture onto your profile, that picture gets posted onto your “Wall”. This will alert every user on your “friends list” to go and check out your new picture.

You do not want to have your friends alerted that you have loaded for example 100 pictures onto your profile all within a day.  Take it slow. Only load 1 or 2 photos at a time.

You want your page to grow over time. As your page grows, you are growing in the minds of everyone who is on your friends list.

As you grow, so does the trust of your friends and/or followers. When you build that trust, you will see many more positive results in your online marketing efforts.

This concludes this Social Media training!  Now, get out there and grow your business! 🙂

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