Tahitian Noni Review – Scam Or Legitimate MLM Business?

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Tahitian Noni Review imageWelcome to my Tahitian Noni Review!

Tahitian Noni is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that offers Health and Wellness products, and compensates anyone who shares these products with their friends and family members.

The question that this Tahitian Noni Review will strive to answer is this:  Is this just another MLM company that is trying to make it in the Health and Wellness industry, or do they offer superior products in comparison to their competitors?

Do they provide a legitimate opportunity as a Tahitian Noni Independent Product Consultant, or is this just a scam?  This is my unbiased Tahitian Noni Review.

Company Details & Background

Tahitian Noni Logo imageTahitian Noni has invested nearly $200 Million into product research and research facilities to produce an extensive product line related to:

  • Nutritional Beverages
  • Weight Management
  • Personal Care
  • Bioactive Treats
  • Vitamins & Supplements

The inspiration behind their products

Every product is inspired by their passion for the Noni Fruit, and the positive impact that this fruit has on the human body.  Tahitian Noni owns and operates the only Noni-dedicated laboratory in the world, and they continue to formulate more products that utilize the health benefits of this fruit.

Tahitian Noni products are offered exclusively through their large network of Product Consultants.  This opportunity gives those who enjoy their products the ability to share them with their loved ones, and earn compensation as they do so.

MLM Business – Getting started

Unfortunately, the cost to begin your Tahitian Noni Business is not disclosed until you begin the enrollment process of entering your personal information, including your Social Security Number and Birth Date.  Forgive me, but I was not willing to do that for the sole purpose of providing this information in my Tahitian Noni Review.

Purchase Requirements

However, we do know that a purchase of a Starter Kit or Business Pack will be required, along with enrolling into their monthly AutoShip program.  Through this program, you will commit to purchasing their products every month, and the products that you choose will be billed for and shipped to your home.

Questions that must be asked…

Before enrolling, I would encourage you to learn more about their Starter Kit or Business Pack options or requirements directly from a Distributor to determine if your decision will effect your placement and/or qualifications in their Compensation Plan.  Typically in MLM companies, when there is more than one option to choose from, the more expensive package is required to earn the maximum commission and bonus payouts.

In other words, the more that you are willing to spend at the time of enrollment, the more you are qualified to earn.

Tahitian Noni Juice MLM Review image

Compensation – Getting paid

As a Tahitian Noni Distributor, you will earn commissions on every product that you sell.  In addition to that, you will benefit from other components within the Tahitian Noni Compensation Plan.  These include:

1. Cash Awards

As you progress through their Leadership Positions, you will earn cash bonuses that range from $1,000 to $1 Million when you reach the top spot in their pay plan.

2. Diamond Car Program

Earn additional compensation to purchase a luxury car when you achieve the top Leadership Positions within their pay plan.  This ranges from $750 to $1,250, dependent upon your qualifying rank.

3. Events & Luxury Travel

Travel to exotic destinations and company training events when you achieve qualifying milestones in your business.

4. Recognition

Be recognized for your achievements with advancements and monetary rewards.

Tahitian Noni Review Conclusion

In my opinion after conducting this Tahitian Noni Review, this is a legitimate business, and is not a scam.  They have invested a tremendous amount of time and resources to ensure that they are providing quality products for their Consultants to promote and sell.

Food for thought…

It is important to note, that in the process of building this business, you will be encouraged to share your products with your friends, family members, and acquaintances in order to sell products, and recruit new Consultants into your organization.

Your training as a new Consultant will be based upon these Network Marketing methods.

With that being said, I believe that Tahitian Noni offers quality health and wellness products, along with a solid business opportunity for those who are searching for a quality home business to begin building.

This concludes my Tahitian Noni Review!  If you have found this Tahitian Noni Review to be helpful, or if you have anything to add, please provide your feedback below!

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