ViSalus Review – Scam Or Legitimate MLM Business?

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ViSalus Review imageWelcome to my ViSalus Review!

ViSalus Sciences was founded with a vision to combine passion for people with the principles of health and entrepreneurship.

In this ViSalus Review, I will be examining this company, their products, and more importantly, the MLM Business Opportunity that they offer as a ViSalus Distributor.

Does ViSalus Sciences offer a legitimate business opportunity, or should this be considered as a scam or pyramid scheme?  Does this company offer the best home based business on the market?  This is my unbiased ViSalus Review.

Company Details & History

ViSalus Logo imageViSalus Sciences is a growing name within the Health & Wellness industry, and offers products related to:

  • Weight Management – Including ViSalus Vi-Shape
  • Nutrition – Including ViSalus Vi-pak
  • Performance – Including ViSalus NEURO

Introducing the Body by Vi Challenge

ViSalus is most popular for their Body by Vi Challenge, a 90 day challenge that is geared to help participants to reach their fitness goals.  Through this challenge, ViSalus offers 3 basic kits, depending on the goals that each participant is trying to accomplish.  These include:

  • Body by Vi Shape Kit
  • Body by Vi Core Kit
  • Body by Vi Transformation Kit

Whether participants have a goal to lose a few pounds, or are simply trying to get fit and toned,  they will enter this challenge for a chance to win prizes such as tropical cruises, shopping sprees, or cash.  All of which are dependent upon their individual results.

This Body by Vi Challenge is simply ViSalus’ marketing push to promote and introduce their products to new customers.  It is their mission to convert their participants into long-term customers, or even better, new ViSalus Distributors who will earn compensation for selling ViSalus products, and promoting the ViSalus Body by Vi Challenge to others.

MLM Business – Getting started and how it works

ViSalus MLM Review imageEvery ViSalus product is promoted and distributed through a large network of ViSalus Distributors.

At the time that I conducted my first ViSalus Review back in September of 2010, the cost of becoming a Basic Distributor was $49.  However, until you upgraded and purchased an Executive Success System for $499 or $999, your earning potential within the ViSalus Compensation Plan was limited.

Today, ViSalus no longer discloses the cost of joining until you begin the online enrollment process.  If the details of joining have changed, you will need to contact a Distributor directly to learn more.

There is also a $25 Annual Administration Fee that must be paid within 60 days or your enrollment anniversary date.  If this goes unpaid, you will risk losing your ViSalus Distributorship and Organization.

Their Auto-Ship Requirement

While you are going through the enrollment process, you will be highly encouraged to purchase products on their monthly Auto-Ship program.  This Auto-Ship program will automatically ship products that you choose to your home every month, and will bill your credit card accordingly.

Other Requirements

To remain qualified to earn compensation for your efforts, you must maintain your Active status.  To remain Active, you must either purchase products equivalent to $125 on their monthly Auto-Ship program, or personally sell $200 worth of products each and every month.  This is why the Auto-Ship program is highly encouraged by ViSalus.

Vi-Net Pro

When you enroll as a new ViSalus Distributor, you will receive a 30 day free trial for their Vi-Net Pro Marketing System.  This marketing system will provide you with some of the following capabilities and features.

  • ViSalus Vi-Net Pro Marketing System imagePlace Orders & Enroll Distributors
  • Create your personal public profile
  • Contact Manager
  • Personal Tasks & Calendar
  • Additional Landing Pages
  • Branded Email Address
  • Email Marketing
  • ViSalus Academy Training

As you refer others to your Vi-Net Pro website to learn more about the Body by Vi Challenge, their products, and the opportunity as a Distributor on your team, this marketing system will go straight to work to automate much of the selling process.

After this 30 day period expires, the Vi-Net Pro Marketing system will be an additional $24 per month.

Distributor Training & Support

The very first task that you are going to be asked to do as a brand new ViSalus Distributor, is to make a list.  This list will contain 25 people who you have the best relationship with.  This will include your friends, family members, co-workers, etc.

Next, you will schedule your Personal Challenge Party (Home Party), and will contact your list to invite them to attend.

ViSalus believes that individuals must be introduced to something 3 times before they will commit to buying.  So, you will contact your list of loved ones at least two times before your scheduled Party, using the promoting tools that ViSalus provides to their Distributors.

Next, you will promote your Party online using social media accounts like Facebook & Twitter, and will send text messages and email invitations.

As a brand new ViSalus Distributor, these methods will be the basis of your training to build your ViSalus Sciences Business.

ViSalus Review Conclusion

In my opinion, ViSalus Sciences is a legitimate business opportunity.  Their Body by Vi Challenge has been highly praised by many, with a tremendous amount of success stories and positive feedback.  ViSalus has proven that they offer high-quality products for their Distributors to promote and sell.

The one weakness that I can see in ViSalus is in regards to their new Distributor Training.  These Warm Marketing methods of making a list, and prospecting among friends and family members in a home party setting is not the most effective way to build a long-term home business for the majority.  More importantly, these methods will never be as simple and easy as others will try to make them seem.

Food for thought…

We have touched on the fact that ViSalus provides you with access to their Vi-Net Pro Marketing system, but this system is designed for you to refer your friends and family members to your website to learn more details.

Other than some social media training where you will promote your website on Facebook and Twitter, you are not going to learn any Internet Marketing techniques to drive traffic to your ViSalus Website.  This really defeats the purpose of having a website, if only your friends and family members are going to see it.

Now, these are just my opinions, and these opinions are intended to give you the proper expectations.  If you possess a large warm market, and feel that you can recruit and sell products to many of them, you can achieve success using these methods.

However, if you possess a Marketing skill-set to truly promote ViSalus products, and the business opportunity as a Distributor on your team to generate 25+ leads each and every day, you will never have a problem building your ViSalus Business.  You can probably see how this can be difficult to maintain when you are limited to only those who you know on a personal level.

Coupled with the ability to Market, I believe that ViSalus offers a solid business opportunity with great products.

Next, learn the exact details of how ViSalus Distributors are rewarded as my ViSalus Review continues with their Compensation Plan!

This concludes my ViSalus Review!  If you have found this ViSalus Review to be helpful, or if you just have something to add, please provide your feedback below!  This will help others in their research efforts!

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  1. Dave Fennell says:

    Dave Fennell wrote this ViSalus Review for those who are researching the ViSalus Business Opportunity. I would love your feedback. If you have any experiences with this company, whether good or bad, please share them here to assist others in their research efforts.

    I greatly appreciate your feedback and expertise, and others will too!

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  2. Bob Ramos says:

    This is a total waste of money and a pyramid scheme! Dont fall for it!

  3. Kyung Scholz says:

    I’ve been coming here for a roughly a week now and have decided to make my first post to say thank you.

  4. Andrea Mapes says:

    Thank you for your review! I have been researching Visalus for two years and open both positive and negative information. I’ve also concluded that Visalus is a legitimate business opportunity and excited for the opportunity to grow a business. I think those who are quick to judge Visalus as pyramid scheme (which was me in the beginging)should educate themselves as to what a pyramid scheme is.

  5. Visalus says:

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