Votre Vu Review – Scam Or Legitimate MLM Business?

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Welcome to my Votre Vu Review!

Votre Vu is a relatively new Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company that is quickly becoming a leader in offering skin care products.

Votre Vu has had an extremely successful start, but do they offer a legitimate MLM home business opportunity, or should they be considered a scam or pyramid scheme?

In this Votre Vu Review, I will be providing some background on this company, their products, and more importantly, their MLM business opportunity as an Independent Brand Ambassador.  This is my unbiased Votre Vu Review.

Company Details & History

Votre Vu Logo imageIn January of 2007, an American Entrepreneur by the name of Harold Zimmerman went straight to the heart of France to bring back the best naturally-based skin care products at prices lower than comparable products.  For a year and a half, Harold Zimmerman and his team of business and creative minds worked alongside their French partners to formulate and uniquely brand their custom regiments of luxurious skin care products.  These events led to the launch of Votre Vu on September 10th, 2008.

Within the first two months of Votre Vu’s existence, they generated nearly $1 Million in sales, and recruited more than 1,200 Independent Brand Ambassadors in all 50 states.  No small accomplishment for a start-up company if you ask me!

Product Line

The Votre Vu Product line is vast, offering products related to:

  • Nutritional Beverages
  • Skin care for your face, normal and dry skin, sensitive skin, trouble skin, and mature skin.
  • Cleansers
  • Masques & Scrubs
  • Tonics
  • Face Cremes
  • Serums
  • Eye Lip & Hand
  • Body
  • Sun
  • Hair
  • Treats
  • Products for Men

All Votre Vu products are offered exclusively through Independent Brand Ambassadors, representing the MLM business opportunity that they are growing popular for.

MLM Business – How their opportunity works

Votre Vu Products imageThe cost to become a Votre Vu Brand Ambassador will start with an annual fee of $59.  However, if you submit more than 500 Business Volume (BV) in orders throughout the year, this annual fee will be discounted to $29.

Purchase Requirement

Next, you will need to select a product pack.  There are two to choose from for business builders.

  • startMeup Pak for $199
  • Premium startMeup Pak for $399

Questions that must be asked…

Before enrolling and submitting your initial product pack purchase, I would encourage you to learn more details directly from a Brand Ambassador.

Typically in MLM businesses, this decision process will directly influence your placement and earning potential within a company’s compensation plan.

In most cases, the more that you spend on your initial order, the more you are qualified to earn.  This important decision will make a tremendous impact on your overall career earnings if you intend to take this opportunity seriously, and attempt to build a profitable long-term business.

Along with your startMeup Pak purchase, you will receive your personal website for the first year at no additional charge.  After the first year, this will be an additional $99 per year.  This website is optional, but highly recommended if you wish to provide your business with an online presence.

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Ongoing Requirements

You will also be highly encouraged to enroll into their AutoShip program, which will automatically bill and ship products to your home every month.

This AutoShip program will help you to maintain your active status with the required minimum of 50 BV in any given 4 week period.  Maintaining your active status is required to remain qualified to earn from the Votre Vu Compensation Plan.

Ambassador Training & Support

As a Votre Vu Ambassador, you will primarily sell products through the means of Votre Vu Soirees (home parties).  Your mission will be to schedule these soirees in the homes of as many friends and relatives as possible.  You will encourage your loved ones to invite many of their friends and family members to attend.

Hosting Rewards Program

Votre Vu offers a Hosting Rewards program, which you will offer as an incentive to your friends and family members to host a soiree of their very own.  This rewards program will reward them with free skin care products, and substantial product discounts based upon the sales that are generated by you in their home.

At each Soiree that you schedule, you will display and demonstrate products, accept orders, and schedule your next Soiree with any willing hostesses.  This will also be the basis of your recruiting efforts to sponsor new Brand Ambassadors into your organization by expressing your passion for their products and your business.

Compensation – How to earn

Brand Ambassadors earn 30% on every product that they sell.  As they recruit new Ambassadors into their organization, they will earn sizable override commissions based upon the personal production of their downline members as well.

At the bottom of this Votre Vu Review, you will find a link that will provide the exact details of how Ambassadors are rewarded for their efforts of building a Votre Vu Business!

Getting started…

The Votre Vu business plan to achieving success is relatively simple, and is a three step process:

  • Use the products yourself and maintain your active status.
  • Share Votre Vu products with others.
  • Find two other Brand Ambassadors from within your warm market of friends and family members to do the same.

Votre Vu Review Conclusion

In my opinion, Votre Vu is a very legitimate business.  They are a young company, but have proven that they are a company with a mission of becoming a leader in their industry.  Their skin care products are highly praised by many satisfied customers, proving that they offer quality products for their Brand Ambassadors to promote and sell.

If you enjoy the benefits of their products, and wish to share them with your family and friends in a home party environment, I believe that Votre Vu offers a solid business opportunity with great products.

Next, learn the exact details of how Votre Vu Brand Ambassadors are rewarded as my Votre Vu Review continues with their Compensation Plan!

This concludes my Votre Vu Review!  If you have found my Votre Vu Review to be helpful, or if you have anything to add, please provide your feedback below!

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