WorldVentures Review – Scam Or Legitimate MLM Business?

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WorldVentures Review imageWelcome to my WorldVentures Review!

WorldVentures is a Multi-Level Marketing travel company with a mission to create more fun, freedom, and fulfillment in the lives of people through great life experiences and their financial opportunity.

In this WorldVentures Review, I will be examining this company, the travel products that they offer, as well as the MLM Business opportunity that they offer as a WorldVentures Representative.  Does WorldVentures offer a legitimate and promising MLM Business opportunity, or is this a scam or pyramid scheme?  This is my unbiased WorldVentures Review!

Company Details & History

WorldVentures Logo imageLaunched on December 10th, 2005 by founders Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue, WorldVentures is advertised as a lifestyle company that is positioned to profit from the growing trend in online travel booking.  All of which is powered by Rovia LLC, a 25 year old travel company.

Popular Products & Services

WorldVentures offers three travel products:

1. DreamTrips Membership

This is WorldVentures’ basic membership.

Includes a one-time setup fee of $199.95 and $26.99 per month.

2. DreamTrips Life Membership

This is WorldVentures’s flagship product, and the catalyst behind their success to date.

Includes a one time setup fee of $199 and $54.99 per month.

3. Luxury DreamTrips Membership

Intended for those who want the very best when it comes to travel accommodations.

Includes a one-time setup fee of $999.99 and $99.99 per month.

MLM Business – How it all works…

The minimum cost to join WorldVentures as a Representative is the price of their Representative Business System (RBS) for $99.95, plus $10.99 per month.

Your RBS will provide you with three Personalized Marketing Websites, a Back Office System, along with an Online Training Program to familiarize yourself with their products, sales techniques, as well as marketing tools to assist you in getting started in your new venture.

Their focus on product sales

WorldVentures Powered By Rovia imageIt is important to note that RBS purchases are non-commissionable, meaning that Representatives receive no compensation based upon recruiting and enrolling Representatives.

This in itself proves that WorldVentures is not a pyramid scheme, since they are strictly in the business of acquiring customers who purchase products and services, and compensate their Representatives only for the sales of their DreamTrips, DreamTrips Life, and Luxury DreamTrips Membership packages.  Not for enrolling Representatives, which is where so many other MLM companies have got in trouble in the past.

Of course, many WorldVentures Representatives are also customers themselves, so to clarify, the initial setup fee and monthly costs of the above memberships are in addition to the initial purchase and monthly expense of their Representative Business System.

Although, with the exception of the requirement to purchase your RBS, Representatives are not required to purchase their travel memberships to earn compensation.  It will just be recommended.


Representatives are required to maintain their Active status to accumulate sales credit, and qualify for many of the commissions and bonuses within the WorldVentures Compensation Plan.

To maintain your Active status, you must pay your monthly RBS fee of $10.99, and accomplish either one of the following:

  • 1. Generate one personal sale of any of their above Membership travel products every month.  This can be achieved either through a Retail Customer, or through a personally sponsored Representative.  This must be accomplished by your monthly anniversary date of your enrollment.
  • 2. Personally purchase one of their Membership travel products.

You must also remain current on your monthly billing.

Once you become and remain Active, you will be qualified for earnings as you accumulate sales.

If you become Inactive for more than 4 weeks, you will lose any sales volumes that you have generated.

Compensation – How their pay plan works

As an Active Representative, you will earn $20 each time that you sell a DreamTrips Membership or DreamTrips Life Membership, either to a Retail Customer or to a Representative in your downline.

You will earn $150 each time that you sell their Luxury DreamTrips Membership.

In addition to that, you will earn commissions and bonuses based upon not only your personal production, but the sales of Representatives in your organization as well.

I will limit the details regarding the WorldVentures pay plan to this, and at the bottom of this WorldVentures Review, you will find a link that will provide you with the exact details of how Representatives are rewarded within the WorldVentures Compensation Plan.

Representative Training & Support

WorldVentures DreamTrips imageWorldVentures is a MLM company, so the traditional Network Marketing and Word-of-Mouth concepts that are so popular in this MLM industry will apply in building your business.

You will contact those within your Warm Market of friends, family members, acquaintances, and associates to promote and sell their DreamTrips Memberships.

You will recruit those within your Warm Market who express an interest in the business opportunity as a Representative in your organization.

You will then train and mentor these individuals to duplicate your efforts, and begin building an organization of their own.

Additional Training Resources

WorldVentures does provide company-sponsored training events such as:

  • WorldVentures Acceleration Workshop
  • Millionaire Boot Camp
  • Regional Training Events

It is important to note that these training events cost money to attend, but Representatives are given the opportunity to earn TrainingDollars, which can be redeemed toward the price of these events.

Again, you can learn more details regarding the qualifications to earn TrainingDollars in my review of the WorldVentures Compensation Plan at the end of this WorldVentures Review.

However, with all of the training that you will receive through your sponsor, and company-sponsored training events, these Warm Marketing methods will still be at the core of your new Representative Training.

WorldVentures Review Conclusion

In my opinion, WorldVentures is a legitimate MLM Business opportunity.  Like I have mentioned, this is not a pyramid scheme, nor is it a scam!

In our modern day and age, online travel booking accounts for nearly 43% of all online spending.  WorldVentures is positioned to profit from this growing trend, at the same time as add a special touch of human interaction.

Food for thought…

However, where I disagree with WorldVentures is in regards to their training methods, as I strongly feel that the Warm Marketing methods that WorldVentures trains and encourages is not an effective way to build a long-term and rewarding business in today’s world.

97% of those who participate in this MLM industry while using these old-fashioned tactics ultimately fail.  This staggering statistic speaks for itself.

For those who possess a more modern and effective marketing strategy, I believe that WorldVentures offers a tremendous opportunity with great potential!  We all travel, why not profit from it?

Next, learn the exact details of how WorldVentures Representatives are compensated as my WorldVentures Review continues with their Compensation Plan!

I hope that you have found my WorldVentures Review to be informative and educational!  I wish you the best of luck in your home business research!

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  1. Dave Fennell says:

    Dave Fennell wrote this WorldVentures Review for those who are researching the WorldVentures Business Opportunity. I would love your feedback. If you have any experiences with this company, whether good or bad, please share them here to assist others in their research efforts.

    I greatly appreciate your feedback and expertise, and others will too!

    To Your Success,

    Dave Fennell

  2. Elmira says:

    What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for posting!

  3. buy provera says:

    Really great article with very interesting information. You might want to follow up to this topic!?! 2012

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    Really interesting blog, keep up the good work!

  5. Dave, Excellent article. I like how you describe why World Ventures is not a pyramid scheme. I am extremely happy with my WV membership. Thanks for writing this article.

    • Dave Fennell says:

      Thank you Patti! Please come back and visit any time.

    • KATHLEEN says:


      • Dave Fennell says:


        No, I am not a member of WorldVentures or any other company that I have reviewed on this site. I just simply provide information about them.

        Best of luck,


  6. Alex says:

    My ‘friend’ called me 1 day. Asked me what i am doing at 3pm. I said ‘nothing’ and he told me to come for a coffee at a place to talk about something. I asked him what about. He avoided, claiming he is was in a ‘rush’ and we will talk then.

    Went there, ordered me a beer, and he started introducing me to 1-2 in the table and talking ‘big’ about me. Then i asked what did he want to talk to me about. He avoided. He said ‘you will see in a bit’.
    He takes me to this room where another 30 people where there. I thought immediately that it reminds me of this ‘herbalife’ crap presentations. Out of respect to him i stayed.

    The presentation starts, was good, talks about big achievements.
    When it finished people who he introduced me to started coming to my table talking big about the concept and how it changed their life to the better. My friend told me he invited me because he needs a partner to achieve big goals and that i can make big money. Takes out the subscription form and asks me some information. I asked him ‘you gonna subscribe me now??? ‘ He says, just some information because i have all these people here (shows me a piece of paper) that if you join NOW will be under your team. Doesn’t even explains to em how this affects me!
    I gave him the information, asked me what card i have.. not how was i going to pay… Gave him.
    He bought me some more beers.

    Went home and before arrive there i get i message from my bank that i got charged $360. I thought ‘fuck he doesnt lose time’

    Woke up the next day and logged in the website. Saw all the training material, read reviews and watched all videos on their site.

    EVERY SINGLE THING he said to me, sentences like ‘I am in a rush, see you at the place’, the people coming to my table, introducing me to everyone, taking out the subscription form and how to ask for my details was mentioned in the training material.

    Immediately i felt USED, called Wordventures and cancelled my subscription!!

    What i want to share with you is that people around you want to use you to make some money! He did not invite me because i am his friend and he wants me to make money, did not lied to my but ‘HIDED THE TRUTH’.
    All the introducing to people, talking ‘big’ about me, was FAKE. Just to get MY MONEY so he can get his commission and climb higher the pyramid. THIS IS NOT ETHICALLY CORRECT. Do you see where i am getting at?

    People! Do not trust them, even the people around you, your network. They will use you.
    But i am happy this happened because now i know better, especially for him. I am glad i didn’t trust him for anything more personal or for a bigger business proposal.

    • Robert says:

      I am a member of WV also and my relative who brought me into the business did not use that tactic on me. I have heard that some people are vague about describing the product, but no one was ever like that with me. I knew this was a great opportunity to make travel affordable to my family after thoroughly reviewing the trips carefully. I am sorry you felt tricked, that’s horrible and I honestly cannot believe some people would do that. I believe it is best to just be honest and explain what a great opportunity this is to have affordable trips (long or short) with your own travel site. I am very happy to be a part of World Ventures. I have had some great trips with the company and they are for real.

  7. Mr Marli says:

    i joined my team this week. Its all how you market and talk to people, i dont travel much but those who do in my circle, well my website will be where they go to order trips. Also my team is doing a group venture to sign 90 or more at a time on a specific date. all the benefits will occur back to each person once joined at once.. most will get money back, all will get some type of bonus, then repeat.. eveyone should be in an MLM EVERYONE.. but the old mindsets of depending on job hinders peoples thinking and limits the potential. This is a way of us all taking care of each other instead of waiting for corp america and government to do it….

  8. Mr Marli says:

    if anyone interested in a joining the large group entry, respond here. Its easier than doing it one by one on your own. When i joined my up line paid for me, i will pay it forward. thats one way to get going quick. i already have 5 in my downline! The large group entry will be at end of may to give people enough time to save up funds. IMMEDIATE RESULTS

    • Dontae says:

      Tell me more about joining your group , are currently with WV? I’m interested

      • Dave Fennell says:


        I am not actually a member of WorldVentures. I only write about home business opportunities.

        Can anyone else help this person out?

      • Courtney says:

        I just signed up to become a member with this program. I already have been looking into trips and prices are amazing. If anyone is interested in joining please feel free to reach me.

    • latanya nairn says:

      I met with someone but i have no money right now can we talk

    • Yolanda says:


      Can you provide me with information in joining a large group? I maybe interested especially if its not going to cost me anything.


  9. Jacqui V. says:

    I just came back from a presentation from this company, and it’s a scam in my opinion. You said the members don’t earn from recruiting new members, which might not have been true before, but they do now. If they recruit 6 members in a year, I think it was, their membership fee is reimbursed. It’s true that they provide a service by offering cheap vacation packages, but I’ve seen comparable prices and offers from sites like Travel Zoo and Groupon, which are free to join. And the presentation was the most ridiculous, blatant form of this type of scam. Everyone was overly enthusiastic, telling me to keep an open mind, laughing at the corniest jokes from the presenter, etc. It should be marketed better, like Wyndam or Disney Vacation Club. It was like going to a presentation from them but without professionalism and the incentives provided.

  10. blogger21 says:

    if anyone wishes to join straight way can follow this link

  11. Renee says:

    Dave, I think you have written a fair and objective view about the WV though some of the costs have changed. Most important for reps, instead of just thinking about sales, if it’s your own biz, think about how the product (Dreamtrips) is able to help people save on their travels and give them value.

    • Dave Fennell says:

      Hello Renee,

      Thank you for your input. Please note that I wrote many of these reviews 4-5 years ago so I would expect that many of the particulars have changed.


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