Writing Articles – How To Create An Outline For All Of Your Articles

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Create An Outline imageWhat are the benefits of learning how to create an outline for every article that you write?  Simply put, it will make your life much easier.  Especially if you are writing on a regular basis!

While writing articles is a tremendous tool to drive traffic to your website, there are many who would rather walk on piping hot coals than to write and publish an article.  Why is this?

If writing articles is so effective in marketing your business, why is it that so many people loathe doing it?  Because, they don’t have a set plan!  They don’t know how to create an outline that they can follow for writing any article.

Learning how to create an outline for all of your articles will make you better prepared.  This will make the task at hand so much easier and far less time consuming.

An outline will act as a design or blueprint for your article, and will guide you in creating your introduction, body, and conclusion.  Learning to create an outline for all of your articles will allow you to breeze through writing an article in no time.

Create An Outline Tip #1

Article Outline Image1. Begin by brainstorming and jot down a few of your brilliant ideas first. 

How are you going to attract the interest of your reader?  At this stage, you will begin your research and information searching.

Review and read over all of your ideas and notes.  Become extremely familiar with your topic, so that you will not be plagued by writers block as you are constructing the rest of your article.

Tip #2

2. Discover what your sub-topics and sub-titles are going to be.

Do your keyword research to ensure that your sub-topics and sub-titles are keyword-rich.  This will ensure that your article will rank in the search engines.

Construct your first sentence in a way that will immediately grab the attention of your reader.  Your sub-topics and sub-titles should also do the same to keep your reader interested.  Your article will serve no purpose if you lose the interest of your reader.

Tip #3

3. Now that you have constructed the skeleton of your article, it is time to add the flesh and meat.

Begin by connecting all of your paragraphs and sub-topics.  As you do this, you will begin forming the body of your article.

Just as you have drafted the introduction to usher in the ideas of your article body, you will need to construct the conclusion.  Your conclusion should wrap up your points and drive home the message that you are trying to share in your article.

As you are forming your article, remember to include the particular keyword that you are writing about.  As a rule of thumb, you should include your keyword in every 100 words of your article.

Tip #4

4. The outline for your article will also require you to first write a rough draft.

Especially in the beginning of learning how to create an outline, writing an article will take many drafts.  This is ok, and perfectly normal.

As you become more fluent in writing articles, this process will become a walk in the park.  As you are writing your draft, you will clearly see the bigger picture of your article.  Learning to create an outline will help you to publish a more effective and better quality article.

Tip #5

5. As you are constructing your article, always refer to your outline to ensure that you are not getting lost in the moment and straying off topic.

Learning to create an outline will help you to stay on track.  All of the time that you spend outlining your article will not go to waste, and will serve as your guide for all of your future articles.  Once you create an outline, writing articles becomes much easier and less time consuming.

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