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YOR Health Compensation Plan imageWelcome to my review of the YOR Health Compensation Plan!

How exactly does the YOR Health Compensation Plan work?  Will the YOR Health Compensation Plan reward Distributors fairly for selling YOR Health Products, and recruiting new Distributors to do the same?  Does this pay plan provide you with the tools that you are going to need to become a home based business success story?  Lets take a closer look!

Pay Plan Requirements

To begin your path to becoming a Distributor, YOR Health has some requirements that first must be met.

Before you are qualified to participate in the YOR Health Compensation Plan, you must first activate your Profit Center.  To do this, you must generate 200 in personal volume within the first 28 days of enrolling.  If you fail to activate your Profit Center in these 28 days, you will forfeit your qualification to earn commissions and bonuses, and will only enjoy the benefits of being a Select Customer.

Binary Compensation Plan Model

YOR Health Products imageThe YOR Health Compensation Plan utilizes a pay plan structure called a Binary Tree.  As you recruit new Distributors, you will place them strategically in two sales teams:  A right leg, and a left leg.  In a Binary Tree pay plan, your commissions and bonuses will be calculated based upon the production of your lesser performing leg.

For example, if your right leg generates 2000 Group Product Volume (GPV) in a four week period, but your left leg only generates 1000 GPV, your earnings will be based upon the lesser sales volumes of 1000 GPV.

Organizational Ranking System

As Distributors achieve qualifying milestones in their business, they will progress through the many Leadership Positions within the YOR Health Compensation Plan.  The higher that you climb, the more your potential earnings will be.  These Leadership Positions from lowest to highest include:

  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Double Diamond
  • Triple Diamond
  • Blue Diamond
  • Royal Blue Diamond
  • White Diamond
  • Royal While Diamond
  • Presidential White Diamond
  • Imperial White Diamond
  • Crown White Diamond

6 ways to earn in their pay plan…

Compensation For YOR Health Distributors imageFor qualified Distributors, the YOR Health Compensation Plan offers 6 ways to earn compensation as they are selling products, and recruiting other Distributors to do the same. These include:

1. Retatil Profis

As a Distributor, you will enjoy wholesale pricing on all of their products.  As you sell these products to your customers at the suggested retail price, you will earn an instant profit.

2. First Order Bonus

As your new Distributors or new Customers place their first order, you will earn up 20% on the total Product Volume that their order generates.  However, their first order must generate 200 PV or more, and this bonus will not exceed $160.

3. Team Commissions

Going back to the Binary Tree Structure, you will earn 10% commissions based upon the production in your lesser performing binary leg.  This commission is calculated and paid to their Distributors every week.

4. Generation Check Match

This bonus will match the first $2,500 of team commissions that are paid to your personally sponsored Distributors.  This also includes Distributors that they have sponsored, going down as far as 7 generations in your organization.  Again, this is a weekly bonus.

To qualify for the Generation Check Match, you must achieve the rank of Silver and above, and be active with 200 monthly PV.  This bonus will also not exceed the sales volumes of your lesser performing binary leg.

5. Leadership Bonus

YOR Health reserves 5% of the company’s 50% weekly payout pool to be paid out in Leadership Bonuses.  You must achieve the rank of Blue Diamond and above to qualify.

6. Re-Entry

This bonus will give you the ability to earn from multiple profit centers.  You must first achieve the rank of White Diamond and above to qualify.

YOR Health Compensation Plan Conclusion

In my opinion, the YOR Health Compensation is an aggressive plan that is designed to promote and encourage team building, and one’s ability to lead their downline Distributors to success.  While this pay plan will not be very profitable in the beginning stages of your business, it does provide the potential to become lucrative in time as you progress through their Leadership Positions.

As you attain higher ranks, you will qualify for larger percentages on more and more Distributor’s production, going down several generations.  Build a large and profitable organization, lead your downline Distributors to success, and the YOR Health Compensation Plan will reward you accordingly.

This concludes my review of the YOR Health Compensation Plan!

Next, learn more about YOR Health and their MLM Business opportunity in my YOR Health Review!

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