ZamZuu Review – Scam Or Legitimate MLM Business?

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ZamZuu Review imageWelcome to my ZamZuu Review!

ZamZuu is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business that is growing very quickly in popularity.

In this ZamZuu Review, I will be striving to answer this very important question:  Is ZamZuu a scam, pyramid scheme, or is this a legitimate business opportunity?  This is my unbiased ZamZuu Review.

Company Details & History

ZamZuu Logo imageFormerly known as ShopYTB, ZamZuu was very recently launched by the very popular YTB International, another MLM business that is well-known for marketing travel services.

YTB launched ZamZuu for the purpose of capturing more online travel sales, and also to take advantage of the growing trend in online retail sales.

Providing one-stop shopping provides visitors with a one-stop access to many major retailers to shop for products related to:

  • Automotive Equipment
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Toys
  • Education
  • Exercise & Fitness
  • Clothing

Available Retailers

As an online shopper, you can just simply visit the ZamZuu website, open a free membership account, and start shopping from name brand retailers such as:

  • Best Buy
  • Kohl’s
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Walmart
  • Macy’s
  • Old Navy
  • Sears
  • The Gap

…and many more.

Shoppers receive rebates of 1% to 3% on all qualifying purchases.

MLM Business – Getting started

ZamZuu MLM Business Review imageZamZuu offers a MLM business opportunity where you can purchase your very own replicated ZamZuu website for $249.95, plus an additional $49.95 monthly charge to maintain your shopping portal.

How it all works…

Every time a product is purchased, that particular retailer will pass along a portion of the retail profits to ZamZuu.  As customers purchase products through your portal, you will receive a portion of this revenue.

As you begin to recruit new distributors, you will earn a portion of the revenues that are generated through their replicated websites as well.

ZamZuu Review Conclusion

In my opinion, ZamZuu is legitimate, and is definitely not a scam.  Online shopping is a multi-billion dollar market, and ZamZuu gives you an opportunity to participate in this growing trend in shopping habits.

Food for thought…

There is one factor that you must keep in mind:

Your ability to generate sales through your replicated shopping portal will be dependent upon your ability to refer or drive traffic to your website.  ZamZuu will train you to utilize network marketing strategies, and encourage you to refer your friends and family members to your website.

For some, these methods may work, and I have no doubt that there are many who are generating substantial incomes by practising these network marketing techniques.

However, those who have the ability to use online marketing strategies to ‘drive traffic’ will perform at a much higher level.  Being limited to your warm market of family and friends will not come close to competing with an experienced Online Marketer who has the ability to drive an unlimited supply of ready-to-buy customers.

If you are seriously entertaining the thought of joining ZamZuu, my advice is this:  Learn how to market and promote your ZamZuu website online, and don’t rely on your small network of family and friends to achieve success!

This concludes my ZamZuu Review!  If you have found this ZamZuu Review to be helpful, or if you have anything to add, please provide your feedback below!

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