15K Profits Review – John Stalvey – Scam Or Legitimate?

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15K Profits Review imageWelcome to my 15K Profits Review!

In this 15K Profits Review, I will be striving to answer one very important question.  Is 15K Profits a scam, or is this a legitimate marketing system?

Is this system worth your investment of time, effort, and dollars?

There are many marketing systems that are designed to help individuals promote their Multi-Level Marketing opportunity online.  The question is, Does 15K Profits really work?

This is my unbiased 15K Profits Review.

Program Details

15K Profits image15K Profits was created by John Stalvey as a means to promote his Numis Network business opportunity on the Internet, and is a turn-key system that he provides to those who join his Numis Network Team.  This system provides his team members with the ability to grow each of their individual businesses without relying on the traditional methods of prospecting amongst friends, family, acquaintances, and close associates.

Introducing Numis Network

Numis Network is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that sells numismatic silver and gold coins.  These coins come from leading government mints from around the globe, and are offered through a large network of Independent Collector Representatives (ICRs).

Joining John Stalvey’s 15K Profits means that you will be signing up as an ICR with Numis Network.  Through this 15K Profits system, John will provide you with the necessary tools to market your new Numis Network business on the internet.  Unlike most other MLM opportunities, you will not be dependent upon friends and family members to build your business if you implement this 15K Profits system.

How it all works…

If you join 15K Profits, John Stalvey will become your upline sponsor within Numis Network.  When you join his team, he will provide you with multiple online lead capture pages, opportunity overview pages, professionally written auto-responder messages, and automatic voice blast invitations.

You will be given access to live training calls, as well as recorded training calls.  Simply put, you will receive a turn-key marketing system to help you promote and build your Numis Network Business.

15K Profits comes with a professional telemarketing team, which will call and close your prospects for you.  Through this system, you only have to worry about driving traffic to your lead capture pages using the marketing tools that John provides.  The 15K Profits marketing system will qualify, sell, and close your prospects for you.

Getting started…

As we have already established, joining 15K Profits means that you will be signing up as an ICR for Numis Network.  To do this, you will have two options:

  • You can sign up for the Numis Network Associate Rep Package for $75.
  • You can sign up for the Numis Network Executive Rep Package for $495.

The higher priced package will be recommended if you wish you maximize your earning potential within Numis Network.

15K Profits Review Conclusion

In my opinion, 15K Profits is legitimate.  This is not a scam.  John Stalvey has created a system that will dramatically increase the success rate of his Team Members.  While everyone else is contacting their loved ones to build their MLM business, 15K Profits will give you a true advantage over your competition.

I have always believed that if you are going to spend the time and effort to build a home based business, that you should market your business on the Internet.  15K Profits accomplishes just that!

Next, check out my Numis Network Review to learn more about the company that you will be joining if you participate in 15K Profits!

This concludes my 15K Profits Review!  If you have found this review to be helpful, or if you have anything to add, please provide your feedback below!

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