Salu International Review – Scam Or Legitimate MLM Business?

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Salu International Review imageWelcome to my Salu International Review!

Salu International is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company with a vision to help others attain better health through natural means, as well as secure a future free of economic uncertainty.

In this Salu International Review, I will be examining this company, as well as providing an overview of the products that they offer.  However, my emphasis in this Salu International Review will be on the MLM Business opportunity that they offer as a Salu Business Owner (SBO).

Is Salu International a scam, pyramid scheme, or legitimate MLM Business opportunity?  This is my unbiased Salu International Review!

Company Overview & History

Salu International Logo imageFounded by Ray Caron in the later part of 2010, Salu International offers Resveratrol-based and anti-inflammatory nutriceuticals, which are advertised to be formulated with the safest, all-natural ingredients, including plants, herbs, minerals, and chemical compounds…The best that Mother Nature can provide!

Salu products are delivered to the body through vegetable-based capsules, providing fast and safe absorption.

Popular Products

Currently, Salu International offers two products:


Combines trans Resveratrol with a custom blend of Maqui berry, Acai berry and grape seed extract to provide preventative health and anti-aging benefits.


A potent fusion of nutritional supplements delivered in a safe, effective manner to cells and tissues.  Works to Support the human body’s preventative systems while helping to reduce inflammation in joints and alleviate pain.

Salu International has chosen to promote and distribute these products through a MLM business model.  This method of distribution represents the Network Marketing business opportunity that provides individuals with the potential to earn a substantial income from their efforts of sharing Salu products with others.

MLM Business – How it works…

Salu International Review - Salu Products imageThe minimum cost to become a Salu Business Owner (SBO for short) will be the purchase of their Salu Success System.  This will be a monthly fee of $14.95.

However, while product purchases are optional, your earning potential within the Salu pay plan will be limited if you do not purchase a product package.  There are two to choose from.

  • Salu Career Pack – $199
  • Salu V.I.P. Pack – $299

It is important to note that the $299 Salu V.I.P. Pack will be required for those who wish to optimize their earning potential within the Salu International Compensation Plan.

Their Autoship Requirement

To maintain your Active status and qualifications for commissions and bonuses, you will required to purchase products equivalent to a minimum of 100 Personal Volume (PV) each month.

For those who wish to profit from three business centers, a benefit that is provided with your purchase of the Salu V.I.P. Pack, a minimum of 160 PV each month will be required.

To ensure that you never lose your Active status or qualification for earnings, Salu will encourage you to enroll into their monthly Autoship program to fulfill their monthly purchase requirements.  This Autoship Program will automatically ship products to your home each month, and bill your credit card accordingly.

At the time of enrollment, you will have two Autoship options:

  • Salu All-in-One for $100.00 per month
  • Salu Tri-Pak for $180.00 per month

Compensation – How you’ll earn money…

The Salu Compensation Plan provides SBOs with the potential to earn from multiple revenue streams as they acquire customers, and begin to build an organization of downline SBOs.  These include:

  • Car Bonus
  • Quick Start Bonus
  • Team Commissions
  • Check Matching
  • Retail Sales

Salu advertises the MLM industry’s first guaranteed income, where Active SBOs are promised a guaranteed minimum monthly income based upon the number of SBOs that they have personally sponsored, as well as sales volumes throughout their organization.

I will limit the details of their pay plan to this, and at the bottom on this Salu International Review, you will find a link that will provide the exact details of how SBOs are rewarded for their efforts.

SBO Training & Support

Salu International Review imageSalu advertises that their SBO training will include their marketing platform, which harnesses the power of social media and online business channels to build a pipeline of potential customers and recruits.

However, at the core of your training and support will be the traditional methods of Network Marketing and Word-of-Mouth, where you will be encouraged to prospect amongst your network of friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone else who you feel would benefit from their products and/or business opportunity.

Immediately following your enrollment with Salu International, you will be partnered with your sponsor.  This person will be your direct line for support and mentoring as you are building your business.

Salu International Review Conclusion

In my opinion, Salu International is a legitimate MLM Business opportunity for those who have benefited from their products, and wish to share them with others.  This should not be considered to be a scam or pyramid scheme.  Salu offers high-quality nutriceuticals, as well as a very fair and generous compensation plan.

Salu is a newer company, which provides their SBOs with a ground-floor opportunity.  SBOs who join in the early stages of a new company can benefit greatly from the added interest, excitement, and buzz that circulates a new business.

Food for thought…

However, with ground-floor opportunities also comes the risk of that company never surviving their first 2 years in business.  This is just the nature of the beast, and something to consider when making your decision.  The majority of companies, especially in this MLM industry, do not emerge after their first two years in business.  I sincerely hope that Salu does.  I do admire this company, but only time will tell.

With that being said, I do believe that Salu International offers an attractive home business opportunity with strong leadership, and tremendous rewards for SBOs who build a large and profitable organization.

Next, learn the exact details of how SBOs are compensated as my Salu International Review moves onto their compensation plan!

This concludes my Salu International Review!  If you have found this review to be helpful, or if you have anything to add, please provide your feedback below!

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