Xooma Review – Scam Or Legitimate MLM Business?

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Xooma Review imageWelcome to my Xooma Review!

Xooma Worldwide is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company with a vision of helping hundreds of thousands, and even millions of people enjoy optimum health and long-term wealth through their products and business plan!

In this Xooma Review, I will be examining this company, as well as providing a brief overview of their products.  However, my emphasis in this Xooma Review will be on the MLM Business opportunity that they offer as a Xooma Member.

Is Xooma a scam, pyramid scheme, or do they offer a legitimate opportunity to build a business from the comfort of your home?  This is my unbiased Xooma Review.

Company Details & History

Xooma Logo imageFounded by Dan Putnam in May of 2005, and headquartered in Hampton, Virginia, Xooma Worldwide is a company that offers health & wellness products that transform your standard tap water into a much healthier form of water, providing a daily source of hydration and refreshment.

Instead of offering dozens of low-quality products with fancy labels, Xooma has chosen to build their business with one high-quality and effective product at a time.

Popular Products

Xooma Worldwide currently offers 3 products:

X20 – Flagship Product

An all-natural and organic mineral complex that provides the following benefits:

  • Helps to hydrate your body at the cellular level.
  • Provides the vital minerals and electrolytes that your body needs on a daily basis.
  • Gives your body a health promoting alkalinity boost.
  • Battles against the acidic damages caused by today’s fast-paced lifestyles.

X20 Blast

Provides the same benefits as X20, but adds a delicious flavor to your drinking water.


A weight-loss supplement with the following benefits:

  • Helps to stimulate your metabolism.
  • Controls cravings.
  • Reduces appetite.
  • Burns fat.
  • Creates more energy.

Xooma Worldwide products are distributed exclusively through their growing number of Members (distributors), representing the Network Marketing business opportunity that provides the potential for individuals to build a profitable home business while sharing these products with others.

MLM Business – How it all works…

Xooma Review - Products imageThe cost to begin your business as a Xooma Member is the purchase of a Cash-Back Value Package.  There are several to choose from, including:

  • $199 Variety Cash Back Pack
  • $199 FocusUP & X2O Value Pack
  • $199 X2O Value Pack
  • $199 MetaboWize Value Pack – TVan
  • $299 FocusUP & X2O Value Pack
  • $299 X2O Value Pack
  • $299 MetaboWize Value Pack
  • $499 Product Variety Pack
  • $499 FocusUP & X2O Value Pack
  • $499 X2O Value Pack

Xooma Worldwide does list many other cheaper options which new Members can purchase at the time of enrollment.  However, the above packages will be required to maximize your earning potential within the Xooma Compensation Plan.

Their Autoship Requirement

When you purchase one of the above packages, or even other packages that Xooma lists, but I have not listed here for the sake of time, you will automatically be enrolled into their monthly Autoship program.  Through this program, you will automatically receive products every month, and your credit card will be billed accordingly.

This automatic Autoship enrollment will range in price from $25 to $100 per month, depending on the package that you select.

However, $100 per month will be required in order to qualify for the maximum commission and bonus opportunities within the Xooma Compensation Plan.

Compensation Plan – how their pay plan works…

The Xooma Compensation Plan will provide you with 8 ways to earn, including commissions and bonuses for selling products, acquiring customers and preferred customers, as well as building a sales team of downline Xooma Members.

I will limit the details of their pay plan to this, and at the bottom of this Xooma Review, you will find a link that will provide you with the exact details of how the Xooma Compensation Plan works.

New Member Training & Support

Xooma Review – MLM Business imageAs with the majority of other MLM companies, Xooma encourages and trains their Members to utilize traditional forms of Network Marketing to build their business.

In other words, you will prospect amongst your list of friends, family members, acquaintances, neighbors, co-workers, and others who you know personally to sell products, and to recruit new Members into your organization.  These methods are commonly referred to in this industry as ‘Warm Marketing.’

Immediately following your enrollment as a new Member, you will be partnered with your sponsor (usually the person who introduced you to Xooma).  This person will be your direct support line for training and mentoring as you are building your business.

However, these Warm Marketing methods will be at the core of your training and support, especially in the beginning stages of your business.

Xooma Review Conclusion

In my opinion, Xooma is a legitimate MLM Business opportunity and should not be considered to be a scam or pyramid scheme.  This is a company that aspires to create quality products, one product at a time, and has experienced tremendous success for doing so.

However, just like all other MLM companies that I review, I do not agree with the training methods that new Members receive in building their business.

Setting expectations…

You see, building a successful Xooma business is going to require a combination of hundreds, if not thousands of customers and downline Members who are working diligently to duplicate your efforts.  Of course, this will be dependent upon your individual goals.

With this in mind, we as individuals simply do not possess a large enough list of contacts to grow and sustain a business of this nature.

Ask yourself these two questions:

1. How many friends and family members do you actually know?

2. How many of those friends and family members would realistically join you, and put in the time and effort that would be required to build this business?

If you answer these questions realistically, you will immediately realize that your list will eventually dry up!  What happens then?

You will then be left to learn and implement a new and perhaps more effective way to market and grow your business.  Unfortunately, this will fall outside of the training and support that Xooma will provide to you.

97% of distributors in this MLM industry do not succeed in building a business of this nature!  This is due largely to the reasons that I have listed above.  When distributors run out of people to talk to (and they do), their business dries up, and they ultimately end up quitting.

For those who possess the ability to utilize more modern and effective marketing strategies, I believe that Xooma Worldwide offers a solid opportunity.

For those who will be limited to their friends and family members, this business opportunity is not so great!  This is nothing against Xooma, but just the nature of this business!

Next, learn the exact details of how Xooma Members are rewarded as my Xooma Review continues with their Compensation Plan!

This concludes my Xooma Review!  If you have found this Xooma Review to be helpful, or if you have anything to add, please provide your feedback below!

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  1. Dave Fennell says:

    Dave Fennell wrote this Xooma Review for those who are researching the Xooma Worldwide Business Opportunity. I would love your feedback. If you have any experiences with this company, whether good or bad, please share them here to assist others in their research efforts.

    I greatly appreciate your feedback and expertise, and others will too!

    To Your Success,

    Dave Fennell

    • KC says:

      I have been using Xooma product for over a month now. THey don’t work nearly as well as they claim to. Also, the auto-shipment sucks. I ordered from them once, and then talked to someone to make sure I wasn’t set up for auto shipment because I had ordered enough for 3 month, but then my account was charges… $7 more than the original amount, over-drafting my account, and they just kept saying they couldn’t do anything about it. I don’t recommend the product and I don’t recommend the company.

    • richard mann says:

      I believe xooma products may be of some health benefit . but the only ones that are making money is the Xooma Corporation while you do all the dirty work trying to suck people in. if it were so great a product why not sell it in the local supermarkets. my advice eat and drink sensiblly. life is limited to 3 score years and 10 you will die regardles to whaterever you consume ther is no magic pill that will keep you from the grave whaaaaaa ! bugger

    • ron fyffe says:

      I dont ever respond to this sorta stuff..but talk about IDIOTS!! tHERES ALWAYS SOMEONE THATS CRYING ..ITS AMAZING i have been on these products for over 4 months, and have hundreds,,yes hundres of emails o f people who cant get enough of this X2o.. You can always tell when somethings working.. SOMEONE IS Bitc,,,,!!! Ps.. Google your ass off about microsoft.. millions of $$$$ in law suits.. ask them if they CARE!! LOL

    • Hello Dave,

      I’ve been with Xooma since they launched in 2005 and I can tell you now that Xooma is more like a Pyramid Scheme then a direct sales company and I personally know people like myself who have been taken for 10s off thousands of dollars from this company like for one instance Xooma allowed a person to buy his position and 15 under his name to ensure people like myself who built Xooma up from our promotions and advertising lost thousands in commissions and still do I could tell you so many stories that you would change everything you wrote about this company but I do have to say the Products Xooma sells are amazing the company isn’t they even kicked Dan Putnam out of his own company why don’t you advertise this about Xooma

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  4. Northtech1 says:

    I think Xooma has great products… I must say if you are thinging of Xooma you better read my blog first!

    Keep fighting the good fight!

    Bruce (no bs) Fowler

  5. Richard says:

    This xooma multilevel is running with a dangerous flagship product: the company does not provide any proof that the main energy drink does what they claim in their shoddy literature. It is mostly hype and talk based on inadequate research. They have way too much calcium in their drink, according to their own articles, see “xooma x2o, calcium 947mg, magnesium 34mg, trace minerals 14mg, l-ascorbic acid5mg, silver trace”. (manufactured in Japan. So, Soak up the excess calcium with very little magnesium plus any radiation present from red hot Japan. This outfit should be shutdown. I paid $100+$18 for nothing, so far. AS barnum said”a sucker per minute + 2 to take him.”, Back to the drawing board!! Doc

  6. Stephanie Howard says:

    This information is very helpful.

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