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Xooma Compensation Plan imageReferred to as the Xooma Xcel Plan, and other times, Prosperity Plan, the Xooma Compensation Plan is advertised as a plan that offers the greatest amount of rewards in the easiest way possible.

This is all fine and good, but how does the Xooma Compensation Plan work?  How does the Xooma Compensation Plan reward their Members for acquiring customers, and building a team of downline Xooma Members?

The more appropiate question is this:  Does the Xooma Compensation Plan offer you the potential that you need to achieve your home-business goals?  Lets take a closer look in my review of the Xooma Compensation Plan!

Binary Compensation Plan Model

Xooma Logo imageLike many other MLM companies, the Xooma Compensation Plan utilizes a Binary pay structure to calculate the commissions and bonuses paid out to their Members.

In other words, as you acquire customers, and more importantly, recruit new Members to join your organization, you will be building two sales teams: A team on your right, called your right leg, and a team on your left, called your left leg.

When a Binary pay plan such as this one is utilized, your commissions and bonuses within the Xooma Compensation Plan will be based upon the production in your lesser performing leg.

For example, if your right leg generates $1,500 in sales, but your left leg only generates $1,000 in sales, your earnings will be based upon the production of your left leg.

Organizational Ranking System

As you achieve qualifying milestones in your Xooma Business, you will progress through 11 Leadership Positions within the Xooma Compensation Plan.  These include from lowest to highest:

  • Xooma Products imageMarketing Representative (MR)
  • National Marketing Representative (NMR)
  • International Marketing Representative (IMR)
  • Senior Marketing Representative (SMR)
  • National Manager (NM)
  • International Manager (IM)
  • Senior Manager (SM)
  • National Director (ND)
  • International Director (ID)
  • Senior Director (SD)
  • Executive Vice President (EVP)

8 ways to earn in their pay plan…

The Xooma Compensation Plan features 8 ways that Members can earn as they work to generate sales, and recruit downline Members who are duplicating their efforts.  These include:

1. Rapid Rewards Bonus Plan

To qualify, you will need to use, sell, or sample products equivalent to 100 Rapid Rewards Volume (RR) each month.  In addition to this, you will need to enroll 4 new Members each month.

If accomplished, you will earn a bonus of $80.  This bonus is above and beyond all other Xooma Compensation Plan commissions that you have earned.

If you accomplish this goal within your first 60 days, you will receive a Xooma watch.

By helping each of your 4 personally sponsored Members to also enroll 4 new Members of their own, you will earn a $320 bonus.  You will now have 16 members on your second level.  Your organization will now consist of 20 Members total.

If you accomplish this goal within your first 90 days, you will receive a name brand digital camera.

2. Team Commissions

Going back to how the Xooma Compensation Plan operates by a Binary structure, you will earn Team Commissions based upon the sales of your lesser performing leg.

Each time your weakest leg reaches $160 in volume, you will earn either 10% or 15%, depending on your qualification level.

These commissions are calculated and paid to Members every week, and Members can potentially earn up to $15,000 per week in Team Commissions.


Members must be active with a minimum monthly purchase equivalent to 25 Qualifying Volume (QV).

3. Executive Pay Match

Xooma Compensation Plan Elements imageThe Executive Pay Match will pay you a 25% matching percentage of the weekly Team Commissions that are earned by your personally sponsored Members.

  • For example, if your personally sponsored Member earns $500, you will receive a $125 match.
  • If your personally sponsored Member earns $5,000, you will receive a $1,250 match.
  • If your personally sponsored Member earns $15,000, you will receive a $3,750 match.

4. Generational Pay Match

The Generational Pay Match actually operates by a Unilevel structure, where your personally sponsored Members are not placed into two sales teams, but are placed on your first level.  Your first level can grow infinitely wide.

When your personally sponsored members also enroll their own Members, they will be placed on your second level, and so on down the line.

Just like the Executive Pay Match, the Generational Pay Match will pay you up to 10% of the weekly Team Commissions that are earned by all Members, going down as far as 4 Generations below you.

A Generation begins when a Member in your downline has attained the rank of National Manager or higher, and includes all Members until another National Manager is found in your organization.  When another National Manager is found, your 2nd generation will begin, and so on down the line.

5. Cash-Back Bonuses

Each time that you personally sponsor a new Member who purchases one of their Cash-Back Value Packages, you will earn a bonus of $50 to $175.

Also, every package sold will contribute 80 Pay Volume (PV) to be calculated in Team Commissions, as well as 100 RR to your Rapid Rewards Volume.

  • If your new Member purchases the $199 package, you will earn a $50 bonus.
  • If your new Member purchases the $299 package, you will earn a $90 bonus.
  • If your new Member purchases the $499 package, you will earn a $175 Bonus.


You must have also purchased a Cash-Back Value Package to qualify.

6. Direct Sales

As a Xooma Member, you will purchase products at the wholesale price, and sell them to your customers at the retail price.

The spread between wholesale and retail pricing will be your instant profit.  Your profit will be 20% to as much as 50%.

Your customers will have the ability to enroll into their monthly Autoship program and automatically have their products shipped to their front door every month.

For these customers, you will earn a 24% commission on the PV that their order generates every month.

You will earn an additional 10% on new Preferred Customers who are enrolled by your personally sponsored Members.

When you achieve the rank of Senior Marketing Representative or above within the Xooma Compensation Plan, you will qualify for more commissions.

7. Car Bonus

When you have attained 75,000 Qualifying Volume (QV) in your organization, you will qualify for a $750 per month Car Bonus.

You will have the option to lease or buy any luxury vehicle of your choice, and use your Car Bonus to pay for it.

8. Leadership Bonus Pool

The Xooma Compensation Plan reserves 2% of the company’s global commissionable sales volume into this pool, and is rewarded to those who attain the rank of National Director and above within the Xooma Compensation Plan.

Xooma Compensation Plan Conclusion

The Xooma Compensation Plan is not only designed to reward personal sales and customer acquisition, but more importantly, your ability to build, lead, and train a sales team of Xooma Members.

For those who build a large organization of Xooma Members who are working diligently to duplicate the efforts of other successful Members, the Xooma Compensation Plan will become extremely lucrative.

Next, learn more about Xooma and their MLM Business opportunity in my Xooma Review!

This concludes my review of the Xooma Compensation Plan!  If you have found this review to be helpful, or if you have anything to add, please provide your feedback below.

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