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GDI Compensation Plan imageWelcome to my review of the GDI Compensation Plan!

Global Domains International or GDI offers one of the most basic and easy to understand compensation plans in the MLM industry.

Unlike other MLM companies that have 20 different leadership positions with complex and hard to understand commission and bonus opportunities, the GDI Compensation Plan is different.  Refer others to GDI and get paid.  It is that simple.

Uni-Level Compensation Plan Model

GDI Compensation Plan Levels imageThe GDI Compensation Plan is based upon a Uni-Level model.  Each level can be built infinitely wide, and you will benefit from every Affiliate going down as far as 5 levels in your organization.

For every person who commits to GDI’s $10 per month domain package, you will earn $1 per month.  While you are not limited to this, GDI will encourage you to find 5 affiliates.  This will pay you $5 dollars per month on your first level.

Now, if each one of those 5 also enroll 5 people, you will now have 25 members on your second level.  Your earnings will now be $30 per month, a combination of your 1st and 2nd levels.

If this process is completed throughout 5 levels in your organization, your monthly commissions will amount to more than $3,900 per month.

Now, keep in mind that you are not limited to only recruiting 5 Affiliates.  You can recruit 5, 10, 100 or even 1000 Affiliates.  Recruit until your heart is content.  Each level can grow infinitely wide.  Your only limitation is that you will earn from no more than 5 levels, unless you qualify for the Infinity bonus.  I will provide more details regarding this bonus shortly!

Additional Bonuses

The GDI Compensation Plan also features 3 additional bonus opportunities for high performers:

1. $100 Cash Bonus

Each time that you refer 5 paid Affiliates in a 7-day period, you will earn a $100 bonus.

There are no limitations as to how many of these bonuses you can collect.  For every 5 new Affiliates that you enroll each week, you will earn $100.  For example, if you refer 25 new Affiliates, you will earn $500

2. $5,000 Heavy Hitter Bonus

For Affiliates who refer 1,000 new paid members within a 4 week period, they will earn a $5,000 cash bonus.

3. Infinity Bonus

The Infinity Bonus is reserved for the real heavy hitters within the GDI Compensation Plan.

The infinity bonus will pay you on levels 6 through infinity, providing you with an additional 10% overrides of downline affiliate commissions.


  • You must have a minimum of 10 personally sponsored, active, and paid Affiliates on your first level.
  • Each one of your first level Affiliates will also need to have 10 Affiliates each.
  • You must have a total of at least 5,000 Affiliates in your first 5 levels.
  • You must re-qualify for the Infinity bonus each month.  Qualifying in one month is not going to guarantee this bonus every month.

GDI Compensation Plan Conclusion

I like the simplicity of the GDI Compensation Plan.  Refer new Affiliates, and begin to generate a substantial monthly residual income.

Following GDI’s model, if you recruit 5 new Affiliates, train your first level Affiliates to do the same, and repeat this process through 5 levels, the GDI Compensation Plan will become extremely lucrative.

If you desire more than this, just simply recruit more and repeat the process!

This concludes my review of the GDI Compensation Plan!

Next, check out my GDI Review to learn more details regarding their opportunity!

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    GDI is the best income opportunity. I have been with GDI since 2005.

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