Enagic Review – Scam Or Legitimate MLM Business?

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Enagic Review imageWelcome to my Enagic Review!

Enagic International is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that has been manufacturing and Distributing alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines for more than 30 years.

In this Enagic Review, I will be reviewing this company, providing the details regarding their Kangen Water machines, and examining the MLM Business Opportunity that they offer as an Enagic Independent Distributor.

Does Enagic offer a legitimate and promising MLM Business opportunity, or should they be considered as a scam or pyramid scheme?  This is my unbiased Enagic Review.

Company Details & History

Enagic Logo imageFounded in 1974 by Hironari Oshiro, Enagic International specializes in providing in-home, alkaline water ionization technologies.

Their Kangen Water machines are used in hundreds of thousands of homes around the globe, and these machines are reported to transform regular tap water into pure, healthy alkaline drinking water.

Product Line

The Enagic product line features several different Kangen Water machines, including:

  • SUNUS – $1,280
  • Leveluk JRII – $2,380
  • ANESPA – $2,390
  • Leveluk DXII – $3,280
  • Leveluk SD501 – $3,980 – This is their flagship machine and represents 90% of their global sales.
  • Leveluk SD501 Platinum – $4,280
  • Leveluk SD501U – $4,980 – Their newest machine.
  • Leveluk SUPER 501 – $5,980

Enagic has chosen a MLM Business model to distribute these products exclusively through their growing number of Enagic Independent Distributors.

MLM Business – How their opportunity works

Kangen Water MLM Review imageYou will find that when you visit Enagic’s website, there is absolutely no information pertaining to the details of joining as a Distributor.  Enagic does not publicly disclose the cost of beginning your business, nor do they provide information as to how Distributors are compensated within the Enagic Compensation Plan.  You will need to get in touch with the Distributor who has introduced you to Enagic to learn more.

Distributor Training & Support

However, I can share this:  As an Enagic Distributor, you will be trained and encouraged to utilize traditional methods involved in Network Marketing, or what I refer to as Warm Marketing.

You will contact those within your list of family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and co-workers to introduce Enagic’s Kangen Water machines in order to generate sales, and to recruit those who express an interest in becoming an Enagic Distributor in your organization.

You will hand out business cards, brochures, DVDs, and offer potential customers and/or distributors the ability to actually demonstrate these machines in their homes.

Company Events

Enagic conducts regional meetings and seminars, where they demonstrate how their units actually work, and excite others in joining as Distributors.

You will be encouraged to bring your prospects to these events in order to grow your business.  These Warm Marketing tactics will be the basis of your new Enagic Distributor Training.

Enagic Review Conclusion

In my opinion, Enagic is a legitimate business opportunity for someone with strong marketing abilities.  They have been an industry leader in manufacturing these top of the line water filtration systems for more than 30 years, proving that they are not a scam.

Food for thought…

There are a couple of things that you must keep in mind:

Based upon the Warm Marketing methods that Enagic will train, I can tell you that asking your friends a family members to spend $1,300 – $6,000 in one single purchase is not going to be practical for the majority.

It is also safe to assume that your sales will be one-time transactions, meaning this is not the sort of business where you can expect repeat orders.

To consistently generate sales, you will always be searching for your next customer.  This will require an unlimited source of leads; not something that can be accomplished when you are prospecting among your friends and relatives.

Coupled with your ability to utilize more modern and effective marketing strategies, I believe that Enagic offers a solid business opportunity with high-quality products.

However, if you are limited to your friends and family members for your selling and recruiting activities, this business will never be as simple as Enagic or others will portray or sell you on when they are convincing you to join.

This concludes my Enagic Review!  If you have found this Enagic Review to be helpful, or just have something to add, please provide your feedback below!  This will help others in their research efforts!

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  1. Dave Fennell says:

    Dave Fennell wrote this Enagic Review for those who are researching the Enagic Business Opportunity. I would love your feedback. If you have any experiences with this company, whether good or bad, please share them here to assist others in their research efforts.

    I greatly appreciate your feedback and expertise, and others will too!

    To Your Success,

    Dave Fennell

    • Thomas Maus says:

      I listened to the best work from home vides that pre sell people on the business. They claim they have more warm leads than they can handle. They have a very sophisticated video that explains the Water system and how much they cost. Warm lead someone who has listed to the 3 part video explaining that to get into the business you are required to buy a machine that will be finance for a first payment in 30 days. So the persons above you that brought you to the video gets a check next day for $350 approx to #2700 depending on the machine you want to start with. The video is very convincing on big ticket item have big commissions and you have unlimited leads from people that have watched the entire 3 videos as there is a phone number at the end which could be yours. If you called all the warm leads you would be receiving close to $1000 first with in commission checks.

  2. Wiseman says:

    You have shed a ray of sunshine into the forum. Thanks!

  3. Rick says:

    Enagic kangen water business is a real business .But You really to possess a great deal of marketing skills, the ability to constantly make new sales to be able to generate commission.
    Also because the product is expensive for the average person, selling it is not very easy.if you are looking for a real work from home and you possess a great selling skills then you will make money with Enagic, but if you just caanot sell then sorry , look for something that can enable you to use the power of the internet.


    • Dave Fennell says:

      Hi Rick,

      I agree with you completely. Enagic is a great company, but you certainly need to possess a marketing skill-set in order to achieve sales of these high-priced products.

      Thank you for sharing!

      Dave Fennell

  4. Penny says:

    I am researching them now to see if this is for me. Your review was helpful. Is direct marketing as they call it the same as MLM?

    • Dave Fennell says:

      Hi Penny,

      Thank you for stopping by and I am glad that you have found my review to be helpful. Yes, Direct Marketing is the same as MLM. It is also referred to as Network Marketing. Although, companies will have different variations, but it is all the same idea!

  5. tourisme phillipines says:

    Thank you for your article that I was a great help and helped me to understand

  6. Sheryl says:

    The details to joining Enagic as a distributor is simple. Purchase a machine and you are in. You are compensated by the sale of each machine and those buy and sell under you. Very legit. The price of the machines can be a difficult sale but once a customer tries the water and sees the benefit for themselves it is an easy sale. It is the only company that I know where the distributors will make the water available for you to try and some will have loaner machines available for you to try before you buy. There is no inventory to buy or pressure to sell. I love my machine and the water it produces has improved the health of my family and friends!

  7. Thank You for your review of our Company.

    We are a group of Kangen Water Specialists and Top Leaders with Enagic.

    If you desire to promote health and make money along the way, then this is the Company to join.

    You will have to work and put forth an effort,but you will reap the rewards with this Company.

    The Product and Home-Based opportunity are truly life changing. If you would like to learn more than feel free to give us a call: 1-800-901-4234.

    • Thomas Maus says:

      I am having my first call in the morning from the person that ran and ad in Craigslist. I have watched the 3 videos very professionally done and I believe at this point that I will be supplied with an unlimited number of warm leads (People that have watched the 3 hour video) about the opportunity. If this is not the case I want to know now. The claim is the Kangen Water distributors have access immediately to an unlimited amount of warm leads that all have to be called back and walked through how to get into the business and buy a Kangen Water machine.

  8. christina22 says:

    Thank You for the informative Article!


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