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Isagenix Compensation Plan imageWelcome to my review of the Isagenix Compensation Plan!

How does the Isagenix Compensation Plan work?  Will it reward Isagenix Associates fairly for selling their products and recruiting new Associates to do the same?

In this Isagenix Compensation Plan review, I intend to answer these important questions, and provide you with the exact details of how Associates are compensated for their efforts.  Lets take a closer look in my review of the Isagenix Compensation Plan!

Binary Compensation Plan Model

As you are building your Isagenix Business, and recruit new Associates into your downline, you will be building two sales teams.  This is commonly referred to in the MLM industry as a Binary Tree Structure.

As you enroll new Associates, you will place them in your left and right legs.  Typically in this sort of compensation plan structure, your commissions and bonuses will be based upon the production of your lesser performing leg.

6 ways to earn in their pay plan…

Compensation For Isagenix Associates imageThe Isagenix Compensation Plan features 6 ways for you to make money.  In time, you will participate in all of these as you begin to build a profitable organization of Associates who are duplicating your efforts.  These include:

1. Retail Profits On Sale of Products

Like we have already mentioned, when you become a Isagenix Associate, you will purchase products at wholesale prices.  You will then sell these products to your customers, and receive up to a 50% instant profit.

Your customers will have the option to purchase products through your replicated website.  Isagenix will process the payment, ship the products, and deposit your commission directly into your Isagenix Visa Account.  Isagenix does charge a $4.95 processing fee for these online orders.

2. Product Introduction Bonuses

This bonus is based upon the Product Introduction Paks that new Associates in your business purchase at the time of enrollment.  This bonus ranges from $10 to $150, depending on the Pak that they purchase.

3. Team Bonuses

Going back to the Binary Structure of your business where you will be building a right and left sales team, you will earn Team Bonuses based upon the production of those two teams.

4. Matching Check Bonuses

When you have enrolled 10 new Associates, placing 5 in your left team, and 5 in your right team, you will qualify as an Executive.  As an Executive, you will earn a Check Match of all income checks generated by your personally sponsored Consultants and Executives in your business.  This Check Match is designed to encourage Upline Associates to work directly with their Downline members in supporting and training them to achieve success in their individual businesses.  Their success is your success in the Isagenix Compensation Plan.

5. Autoship Rewards

If you maintain a monthly Autoship order, you will receive rewards pricing on select products and Paks, and will be qualified earn Incentive Bonuses.

6. Incentives

Throughout the year, Isagenix offers incentives, contests, and promotions.  When you achieve qualifying milestones in your business, you can earn cash, travel rewards, and recognition.

Isagenix Compensation Plan Conclusion

In my opinion, the Isagenix Compensation Plan is an aggressive plan, and is designed to encourage Upline Associates to diligently support and train their team members to achieve success in their individual businesses.  While you will not benefit from the full impact of this pay plan in the beginning; in time, this pay structure has tremendous potential to become quite lucrative.

Build a profitable Isagenix organization, train your downline Associates to duplicate your efforts, and the Isagenix Compensation Plan will reward you accordingly.

This concludes my review of the Isagenix Compensation Plan!

Next, learn more about Isagenix and their MLM Business opportunity in my Isagenix Review!

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