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Visalus Compensation Plan imageWelcome to my review of the Visalus Compensation Plan!

How does the Visalus Compensation Plan work?

Will the Visalus Compensation Plan reward you fairly for your efforts of building a Visalus MLM Business, selling Visalus Products, and recruiting new Visalus Distributors?  In this Visalus Compensation Plan Review, I will be uncovering the details as to how this pay plan really works.  Lets take a closer look!

Organizational Ranking System

ViSalus Compensation imageAs Distributors are growing their ViSalus Business, and begin to increase their personal sales volumes, as well as recruit new Distributors into their organization, they will begin to progress through the various Leadership Positions within the ViSalus Compensation Plan.  These include from lowest to highest:

  • Associate
  • Director
  • Regional Director
  • National Director
  • Presidential Director
  • Ambassador
  • One Star Ambassador
  • Two Star Ambassador
  • Three Star Ambassador
  • Four Star Ambassador
  • Five Star Ambassador
  • Royal Ambassador
  • Crown Ambassador
  • Global Ambassador

8 ways to earn in their pay plan…

The ViSalus Compensation Plan features 8 ways to earn as Distributors are selling products, and recruiting new Distributors to do the same.  These include:

1. Direct Sales & Personal Customer Commissions

Depending on your personal sales volumes, you will receive a certain percentage for all products sold within a given month.

  • For sales volumes of $201 to $500, your commission will be 10%.
  • For sales volumes of $501 to $1,000, your commission will be 15%
  • For sales volumes of $1,001 to $2,500, your commission will be 20%.
  • For sales volumes that exceed $2,500, your commission will be 25%.

2. First Order Bonus

When you enroll new Visalus Distributors into your business, you will receive a bonus on the product purchases that they place within their first 30 days.  This bonus is paid to the first 4 upline Distributors.

  • The first Upline Distributor will receive 20%.
  • The second Upline Distributor will receive 10%.
  • The third Upline Distributor will receive 5%.
  • The fourth Upline Distributor will also receive 5%.

3. Weekly Enroller’s Pool

The Visalus Compensation Plan reserves 2% of their global company Bonus Volume from the previous 4 weeks into this bonus pool.  To participate in this pool, you must sign up 3 new Distributors, or 3 new Preferred Customers in this 4 week period.

This bonus is based upon a point system, and the more points that you accumulate, the more you will earn.

Compensation For Visalus Distributors image4. Fast Start Bonus

Depending on your Leadership Position within the Visalus Compensation Plan, you will earn a bonus for every new Distributor that purchases one of their ESS Packages.  These packages are $499 and $999.

  • Associates (new distributors) will earn $50.
  • Directors will earn $100.
  • Regional Directors will earn $130.
  • National Directors will earn $155.
  • Presidential Directors will earn $170.
  • Ambassadors will earn $180.

5. Team Commissions

Depending on your rank within Visalus, you will qualify to earn an additional 5% commission based upon the sales throughout your entire organization.  This commission can be earned going down multiple generations in your business, and your rank will determine how many generations you can participate in.

  • Associates earn 5% going down 2 generations.
  • Directors earn 5% going down 4 generations.
  • Regional Directors earn 5% going down 6 generations.
  • National Directors earn 5% going down 7 generations.
  • Presidential Directors and Ambassadors earn 5% going down 8 generations.

6. BMW Bonus

Regional Directors and higher are qualified to join their Bimmer Club.

7. Leadership Pool

Visalus reserves 2% of their global company Bonus Volume to be paid out to Presidential Directors and Ambassadors within the Visalus Compensation Plan.

8. Ambassador Star Bonus

Visalus reserves $9 for every Vi-Net Pro/Success Subscription to be paid out in this bonus.

ViSalus Compensation Plan Conclusion

In my opinion, the Visalus Compensation Plan is very fair, and is an aggressive plan that will become very lucrative as you progress higher through the leadership positions within Visalus.

The Visalus Compensation Plan is designed to reward customer acquisition, and your leadership abilities to build and train a sales team.

Build a profitable Visalus MLM business, and the Visalus Compensation Plan will reward you accordingly.

This concludes my review of the Visalus Compensation Plan!

Next, learn more about Visalus and their MLM Business opportunity in my Visalus Review!

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  1. Dave Fennell says:

    Dave Fennell wrote about the ViSalus Sciences Compensation Plan for those who are researching the ViSalus Business Opportunity. I would love your feedback. If you have any experiences with this company, whether good or bad, please share them here to assist others in their research efforts.

    I greatly appreciate your feedback and expertise, and others will too!

    To Your Success,

    Dave Fennell

  2. computer parts says:

    Very helpful post man, thanks for the info.

  3. david says:

    I Have look at Visalus pay plan and I’m a numbers person like I always say numbers never lie people do.
    Always go where u can make the most money by your
    efforts and I know that Visalus don’t have the best pay plan for my efforts. Ive been looking for that mlm company that will and I have found one that’s close.

  4. Hi Dave, great information & review of our comp plan! Btw, love your site!

  5. Rob Sevilla says:

    Great overview… My wife takes the shakes and loves them so we’ve decided to market the opporutinity. I’ve been an online marketer for over 3 years, and I’m only marketing the visalus program on my blog. I’ll come back share my experience after a few months.

  6. Hi
    Excellent review on Visalus.
    I have heard that the products are fantastic.
    The 90 Day Challenge is now very popular based on all the articles I have seen.
    Has it launched Australia yet?
    Overall it looks like a solid company.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Hi Dave,

    Update…ViSalus sales continue to explode and the comp plan is great. As I tell my Team Members, it’s all about the TEAM to fully take advantage of the levels of comp.

    Hope you are having a great summer!

  8. Kristin says:

    The Herbalife Marketing Plan is a great one to take a look at.
    Distributors only pay a ONE TIME fee to sign up: $67. From that point, you earn 25% on ANY sales you make.
    As you move up in the marketing plan, you can earn up to 50% of customers.
    As your team grows you earn 5% Royalties on 3 downline levels deep. And as you move up, you earn up to 11% Royalties 3 levels deep and 6% Bonuses to INFINITY!
    Herbalife has been around for 32 years and is a 5 BILLION DOLLAR company in 88 countries and GROWING!
    These are just the FACTS! 🙂

    • JC says:

      I have looking for a solid Co. products and pay plan that offers %of Co. global profits. To help me figure this the 6% and other bonuses refered to is personal organization team or global bonus like ViSalus?
      Note I know this was written in 2012 so I am hoping you can reply soon.

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