Young Living Essential Oils Review – Scam Or Legitimate MLM Business?

| March 28, 2011 | 27 Comments

Young Living Essential Oils Review imageWelcome to my Young Living Essential Oils Review!

Is Young Living Essential Oils a scam, pyramid scheme, or is this a legitimate MLM Business Opportunity?

In this Young Living Essential Oils Review, I will be reviewing their company, products, and more importantly, the Home Based Business opportunity that they offer.  This is my unbiased Young Living Essential Oils Review.

Company Details & Background

Young Living Essential Oils Logo imageYoung Living Essential Oils is very well-known for offering a full line of Essential Oils that offer many health advantages.  Essential Oils are plant based aromatic volatile liquids, and their health-enhancing benefits can be found in more than 400 Young Living Products.

Product Line

Their extensive product line includes products related to:

  • Massage Oils
  • Oil Diffusers
  • Nutrition
  • Skin Care
  • Anti-Aging
  • Hair Care
  • Cooking
  • Pet Care

Young Living Products are offered exclusively through Independent Distributors, representing the MLM Business opportunity that they are becoming well-known for.

MLM Business – Getting started and how it works

Young Living Essential Oils Products imageYoung Living offers their MLM Business opportunity for a cost of an Enrollment Kit.  There are several to choose from:

  • Start Living (Enrollment) Kit for $40
  • Start Living with Everyday Oils (Enrollment) Kit for $150
  • Start Living with Thieves (Enrollment) Kit for $150
  • Start Living with NingXia Red (Enrollment) Kit for $185
  • Start Living with 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse (Enrollment) Kit for $300

Compensation – How earnings are earned…

Once you enroll as an Independent Distributor, you will receive a 24% discount from retail pricing.  You will then have the option to resell these products at retail prices to your customers for an instant 24% profit.

As you enroll new Independent Distributors into your business, you will receive a portion of their personal production as well.

Distributor Training & Support

As an Independent Distributor, your training will be based upon traditional methods of Network Marketing and Word-of-Mouth concepts.  These methods are commonly referred to as Warm Marketing!

You will be trained and encouraged to contact your network of friends, family members, acquaintances, and close associates to sell products, and to recruit new Distributors to join your organization.

Young Living Essential Oils Review Conclusion

In my opinion, Young Living Essential Oils is a legitimate business opportunity.  They are not a scam.

Their products offer proven health benefits that will be enjoyed by many health conscious consumers.

Food for thought…

However, where I disagree with Young Living Essential Oils is in regards to their new Distributor Training, as I am a firm believer that the Warm Marketing methods that they encourage are not the most effective way to build a business in today’s world.

Building a successful MLM business requires a combination of hundreds, if not thousands of loyal customers and Distributors who are working diligently to duplicate your efforts.

The average person just does not possess a large enough list of contacts to sustain a business of this nature for the long-term.

If you desire to build a successful Young Living Essential Oils business, you will need to be prepared to bring a more effective marketing strategy to your new business.

If you are searching for a quality Health and Wellness Business, I believe that Young Living Essential Oils offers a solid opportunity for those who possess the ability to truly MARKET it!

This concludes my Young Living Essential Oils Review!  If you have found this review to be helpful, or if you have anything to add, please provide your feedback below!

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  1. all about what happened to limewire says:

    Thanks for your info, I’ll be checking in..thanks

  2. Dave Fennell says:

    Dave Fennell wrote this Young Living Essential Oils Review for those who are researching the Young Living Business Opportunity. I would love your feedback. If you have any experiences with this company, whether good or bad, please share them here to assist others in their research efforts.

    I greatly appreciate your feedback and expertise, and others will too!

    To Your Success,

    Dave Fennell

    • Kim McPherson says:

      Young living essential oils are a scam. It’s sad but they are a complete rip off and do not practice the art of being Christian as they preach. This is only my 5 year professional experience with essential oils so remember I’m just one consumer. Yl boasts the best oils however during my taste/smell/feel/use process with deciding what essential oil company I trusted the most I found that their oils had a chemical aftertaste or tone to the smell compared to other companies that don’t require you to pay fees and join a membership to try to sell their oils to try to get more people to sell their oils. The prices are jacked up WAY beyond the actual cost to make the oils and then they hinder you from attempting to sell their products they lured you in to purchase to try to sell by placing restraints on any and all internet sales unless you set up a young living website and pay for it.
      Just an example of how nice and caring they are..
      I was gifted a large amount of their oils when I graduated and became a licensed aromatherapist. I tried selling the oils on eBay and was flooded with hate mail from young living people and then had all my listings pulled then threatened to sue me!
      I’m just trying to get by and help others along the way but this has been ridiculous. Especially from a company and owner that boasts they are of God. They are stealing any opportunity I had to try to make a buck to try to survive in this game called life.
      I’m just glad I’ve found a better company out of all this. I run far from brainwashed young living oils people. They’ve drank the Kool-Aid!

      • Tammy says:

        Kim, what company do you get your oils from? I was looking into the Young living because the chemo has left some not so nice after effects and I need something to help. Thanks

      • Sniff This says:

        Kim, I agree with you for the most part. I didn’t get the chemical aftertaste you mentioned, but with everything else I agree. I’ve been sniffing EO’s for about 10 years and I think the YL oils are good quality BUT I don’t like the fact that they don’t identify the source country on the bottle, as other companies do. I don’t like the EXORBITANT high prices for their oils either. I only signed up with them to get the 20% or so discount for my oil consumption. I can’t understand how people can pay these high prices when there are comparable alternative choices that are MUCHO cheaper. Their prices go up every year so I fired them long ago and have settled with a company I can trust with a great quality product with country of origin on each bottle. The FDA should crack down on them so they come back down to earth.

        • Amy says:

          Sniff This,
          I am curious as to which company you are now using and trust….I am researching companies and trying to decide which one to use. I need to find something that is similar to YL “release” for my daughter, as it seems to help her.

          • C_Leo says:

            Have you been successful finding a good quality brand of EO’s you trust. As I said to Kim, I have used YL with great success but cannot afford them.

      • C_Leo says:

        Kim I just wanted to ask what EO’s have you found to be best. I have used YL with great success but however I cannot afford them. Any help would be appreciated.
        Or anyone else with any advice?

    • BamaRTR says:

      I used to think that my cousin was crazy for using essential oils for everything. However, I have changed my mind. My mom is dying of cirrhosis of the liver and it is a very painful death. My cousin’s mom had died two years previously with liver cancer, so had gone through what we are going through now. She told that she rubbed her mom down with these oils everyday all day long to ease the pain. We were willing to try anything because none of the pain pills were working. When the oils the first came in and my cousin came over to the house to show us how to use them, I happen to have a cold and she told me to take 1 drop of Theives oils, I immediately quit coughing. She showed me how to rub mom down in the oils.. and so far, we’ve been using the oils more than the pain pills. My cousin has convinced me these work and I believe her totally now.

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  14. Elaine Downer aka Oregano Lady says:

    Love the review, YoungLiving has really impacted my life and given me a new hope to be independent!

  15. Kim S says:

    To anyone using or considering using these products, please remember to teach yourselves and others to pay attention to people around you. If you are using these products in your person and spending time with other people on close quarters every day, like in an office, please be aware that some can suffer terrible headaches from these oils. So please is you notice someone saying something like “something smells” or having headaches all the time but only at work! take a hint that it’s your EO and lay off for their benefit.

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