What Is Andy Willoughby’s Three Step Plan?

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Andy Willoughby's Three Step Plan imageWhat is Andy Willoughby’s Three Step Plan?

Simply put, the Three Step Plan is a marketing system that is designed to promote XanGo, a very well-known Multi-level Marketing (MLM) business opportunity.

Will Andy Willoughby’s Three Step Plan work for you?  Is this system worth your investment of time, effort, and dollars?  Lets take a closer look!

The details behind this plan…

Andy Willoughby imageLike I have already mentioned, the Three Step Plan is the system that Andy has created to assist XanGo Distributors in selling products, and recruiting new Distributors into their downline.

In other words, joining the Three Step Plan means that you will be signing up as a Distributor in XanGo’s MLM business opportunity.

The plan was created to market XanGo

XanGo is a very popular health and wellness company that offers their flagship product of XanGo Juice.  XanGo Distributors receive compensation for selling their products, and recruiting new Distributors to do the same.

How this plan really works…

Andy Willoughby places advertisements on many Christian Radio Stations around the country in order to generate leads for XanGo products.  As these leads are generated, they are then sold to Three Step Plan members.

When you purchase a lead, you will then cold call that lead to sell XanGo products.  As you turn leads into XanGo customers, you will eventually attempt to recruit them into becoming XanGo Distributors in your business.

The Three Step Plan gives you the ability to grow your XanGo Business without relying soley on the traditional Network Marketing practises of contacting friends and family.  The Three Step Plan allows you to expand beyond your warm market of friends and family members, giving you access to a much larger market for prospecting and growing your business.  However, you must be willing to pay for this advantage.

Your success within Andy Willoughby’s Three Step Plan will be dependent upon your willingness and ability to cold call leads to promote XanGo’s products and business opportunity.  I have been there and done that in other professions and it is not a thankful job I will tell you.  Cold calling can be effective, but you have to be committed and possess wide shoulders to brush off a whole lot of criticism on the other end of the line.

For those who are willing to cold call leads, Andy Willoughby’s Three Step Plan offers a tremendous advantage in building a successful and profitable XanGo Distributorship.

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