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cPrime Compensation Plan imageWelcome to my review of the cPrime Compensation Plan!

Will the cPrime Compensation Plan reward cPrime Distributors fairly for selling their products, and recruiting new Distributors to do the same?  How does the cPrime Compensation plan really work?  I intend to answer this very question as I provide the exact details.  Lets take a closer look in my review of the cPrime Compensation Plan!

Binary Compensation Plan Model

The cPrime Compensation Plan is based upon a Binary Tree Structure.  What does this mean for you?  Simply put, as you recruit new Distributors into your organization, you will essentially be building two sales teams.  One on your right, and the other on your left.  I will touch on this again further down.

Organizational Ranking System

As you are building your cPrime business, you will in time progress through the various leadership positions within the cPrime Compensation Plan.  These include:

  • Distributor
  • C-300
  • C-600
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Executive
  • Ruby Executive
  • Emerald Executive
  • Diamond Executive
  • Double Diamond Executive
  • Platinum Executive
  • Double Platinum Executive
  • Triple Platinum Executive

7 ways to earn in their pay plan…

cPrime Distributor imageThe cPrime Compensation Plan features 7 ways for you to earn income as you are selling their products, and recruiting new Distributors.  These include:

1. Retail Bonus

For every bracelet that you sell, you will earn the difference between the wholesale and retail price.

For customers who become Preferred Customers by purchasing products on Autoship to receive a discount, you will earn the difference between the wholesale price and the discounted price.

2. First-Order Bonus

When your new Distributors place an initial order of 4 bracelets to receive a 22% discount, you will receive a $50 First-Order Bonus.

3. Dual-Team Bonus

As you are building your cPrime business, you will be building two sales teams:  A left sales team, and a right sales team.  You will receive 10%, based upon the sales of your lesser performing sales team.

To qualify for this bonus within the cPrime Compensation Plan, you must recruit 2 new Distributors, and place one in your left team, and the other in your right team.

You must also be Active with 60 Personal Volume (PV) on a monthly basis.  This can be accomplished with either your monthly Autoship, or product purchases throughout the month.

4. Matching Bonus

Once you are promoted to the rank of Silver, you will be qualified to earn Marching Bonuses on the first $3,000 of Dual Team Bonuses that are earned by Distributors in your downline, going down as far as 7 generations.

The higher the rank that you achieve, the more generations you will benefit from.

A generation is started when your personally sponsored Distributor recruits a Distributor underneath them.  For clarification purposes, your personally sponsored Distributors do not count as a generation.

  • Silvers earn a Matching Bonus on only their personally sponsored Distributors.
  • Golds earn this bonus for 1 generation.
  • Executives earn this bonus for 2 generations.
  • Ruby Executives earn this bonus for 3 generations.
  • Emerald Executives earn this bonus for 4 generations.
  • Diamond Executives earn this bonus for 5 generations.
  • Double Diamond Executives earn this bonus for 6 generations.
  • Platinum Executives and above earn this bonus for 7 generations.

5. Bulk-Order Bonus

The more products that you purchase in a single order, the larger the spread becomes between the wholesale and retail price for those items.  When you sell these products to your customers at the retail price, your profit margin will be larger.

6. Lifestyle Bonus

Double Diamond Executives and above qualify for a monthly Car Bonus.

  • Double Diamond Executives earn $400
  • Platinum Executives earn $800
  • Double Platinum Executives earn $1,600
  • Triple Platinum Executives earn $2,400

7. Leadership Pools

cPrime reserves 1% of their global Bonus Volume into the Leadership Pool.  Platinum Executives and above earn additional compensation from this pool.

cPrime Compensation Plan Conclusion

The cPrime Compensation Plan is designed to not only reward personal sales, but more importantly, team building, and your ability to train your downline Distributors to achieve success in their individual businesses.  Your Distributor’s success is truly your success in this pay plan.

In my opinion, the cPrime Compensation Plan is a very fair, and will generously reward you for your selling and recruiting efforts as you reach qualifying levels in your business.

This is an aggressive plan, and in time, I believe that it has great potential to become very lucrative for those who successfully build a large and profitable cPrime organization.

This concludes my review of the cPrime Compensation Plan!

Next, learn more about cPrime and their MLM Business opportunity in my cPrime Review!

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